Does anyone know how

I need to find A (at the time)Pte nina Gobie, she was at 14 sig Regt(ew) in 1995, after that I have lost contact with her, If anyone knows what happened to her I would be most grateful.

Kirsty Gardner :eek:
If she was a Pte, she wasnt R Sigs, else she would have been a Sig. Confirm, as it makes tracking easier

You can find her on firends reunited.

To the dim-wit who said she couldn't be a private, guess what, she was AGC so I guess she was a private after all, good work holmes
Good point..who said she was a siggie?...It appeared that she was a private in the AGC and that was attached to 14 sig arrse!!
Is this the missing persons forum? Feck off to the siggys board

Edited to add: "Oops sorry forgot to read the rest of it, you can still fcuk off to the siggys board though"

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