Does anyone know how much?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tucker9037, Jun 9, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I have recently joined the TA after being fulltime in the RIR. Can anyone tell me how much you get per mile for travelling to TA centre? Is the travel money tax free also?

    Cheers FAB
  2. I stand to be corrected but I think it is something like 22p per mile if you use a car, or the cost of public transport if you travel by bus or rail, as always things are never that cut and dried, RESPOD is no longer payable if you live within 3 miles of the TAC, and I believe that those living outside of the 3 mile distance see this figure deducted from any claim, i.e. if you travel 4 miles you will be paid only for 1, in addition I understand that the 3 mile zone is to be increased over time.
    What I can say for certain is that RESPOD is under close scrutiny, and quite correctly in my view is a reducing, why after all should any employer pay employees to travel to work, doesn't happen in my civvy job.
  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Happened in mine.

    Travel to Office = 40 miles (one way)
    Travel to traders = 90 miles (one way)

    T&S = Travel to trader-Travel to office
    Subsistance if over 4 hours and 5 miles from office = £X.xx

    Total claim = 180 miles - 80 miles at £0.yypm + Subby at £X.xx. Not a fortune, but it made sure that I could afford to go to the next trader.

    Travel to work doesn't necessarily mean travelling to the same place. WRT TA why should someone be out of pocket to do the job that they're employed to do?
  4. Unless you're an MP, of course, who do get paid for travelling to work.
  5. Well it happens in mine, mainly because my employer recognises the fact that it cost a shitload of money to get around the place. Frankly if you have failed to negotiate travel costs as part of remuneration, that's your problem.

    In terms of home to duty travel, If you seriously think that the large numbers of reservists that travel considerable distances in order to train, should have to pay for it themselves you need to have a good hard word with yourself

    I attended a weekend the other day which I traveled 210 miles to get to. I would have effectively given half a day for nothing if I couldn't claim the travel.
  6. I pay my out of town staff to get to work and park. Travel/parking is so expensive that there's really no other option.
  7. Being paid for travel whilst at work is not in dispute, and ensure you claim the tax back on anything under 45p per mile.
    Getting paid to travel to and from a local TAC is quite another matter.
    I take the point when it comes to national units, clearly if you are asked to travel 210 miles because the "company" tell you then this should not see you out of pocket.
    The fact remains RESPOD is being eroded and will eventually be removed for many.
  8. But they go to work so infrequently it probably isn't a lot anyway! Its the full 3 course meal at lunch and a few pints topped off by a glass of red that costs us a fortune! Oh and their turning up fee of course.
  9. It's called HTD (home to duty) and is paid at £0.25 per mile. You do not get paid the first 3 miles. The 3 mile figure was to change as of 01 April but the decision was reversed so stays at 3 miles for the foreseeable future.
  10. Ok. Is it tax free?
  11. Yes it will be at that rate.