Does anyone know anything about the British Remount Service in WWI?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by DBtotalwar, Jun 2, 2013.

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  1. I bought a hat from an older gentlemen about a year ago in a small town in Oregon, U.S. (I was on vacation visiting relatives and I visited their local antique shop). I still have his card, as he was selling it on consignment in the store.

    So my question is, can anyone tell me anything about the hat?


  2. goes on your head peak forward. Glad to be off help.
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  3. The bottom reads:

    J. Compton Sons & Webb Ltd.


    6 3/8

  4. Would have been useful if you photo'd the hat from the front. So that we could see the cap badge clearly, like.
  5. Probably WW1 vintage, remarkably well preserved. Do you have a clearer photo of the badge?
  6. staffords cant tell with out the capbadge being clearer,
  7. Yea; but for some reason it isn't sending to my e-mail (from my phone).

    But I can describe it: It has a crown on the top, GR under this, then a horse surrounded by an oval which states: Army Remount Service.
  8. We can't all be super intelligent uber beings y' know.
  9. I have a picture of the front, but it says the file is too large when I try to attach it.
  10. It took 10 nano seconds to google some info:-

    Look here

  11. Yep; I've researched that. I have not, however, found the hat with the badge. (only the badge alone).
  12. Erm, the hat is standard issue of the day (or made for, following standard regulations, if an officer), the badge, was also standard issue of the day for ARS, hence hat and badge together. Beyond that what other information do you seek?
  13. Is there anyway to tell if it was an officer or not? And where it was made/for which regiment if was made for?
  14. It's a Cap, Service Dress- SD Cap=. The chinstrap is wrong though. Worn by RMP, Guards regiments, RAVC and mounted regiments, King's Troop RHA, RASC Horse Transport, and such up until the mid to late 1960s. I think the HCMR still wear them for stables etc.