Does anyone know a storeman called mac mcdonald?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by elbasha, Jan 3, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know a storeman called mac mcdonald?
  2. I know a mcdonald who had a farm. E I E I O.
  3. is he old?
  4. No sorry but i know Smudge Smith. :D And a Taff Thomas.
  5. Is he a mate of 'Dusty' Miller.......??

    They used to hang about with 'Knocker' Bennet and 'Tug' Wilson years ago...........??
  6. Fallschirmjager

    great minds.......we both posted at 9:36
  7. Where did he work?
  8. I knew his brother.............Ronald. Did quite well in the burger world apparently.
  9. Is Downs Syndrome common in your family?
  10. In a store numbnuts. :)
  11. Urm... in the Ops Room?
  12. No Old Macdonald was dyslexic. E I K J Q
  13. And the WAH goes to Fallschirmjager :D
  14. TW@T :D
  15. Any time buddy, it would have gone to badger_heed, but he went for the straight physical insult.