Does anyone in here read the DAILY MIRROR?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Krankenschwester, Dec 21, 2008.

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  1. After the way the stuanch-Labour paper handled the whole hoax photograph affair four years ago, eagerly publishing fake photographs of troops torturing Iraqi's, and the fact that its a god awful newspaper, does any of the dwindling readership of the Daily Mirror/Sunday Mirror derive from ARRSE?

    Also, what paper do you regularly read?
  2. I read the Daily Mail and The Times daily and the Express sometimes.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The what?

    Is that a magazine or something?
  4. I read the Telegraph 'cos I know im getting sensible conservative coverage and not a pandering to opinion polls in the Sun and the Times (althought I do read the Times now and then). The Daily Mail is just a bit dramatic for my though I am a Mail sympathiser.

    Cannot bear the Mirror, I just feel like I'm reading a droning Labour leaflet posted through my door by some spotty Stalinist.
  5. Andy Capp used to be good back in the day when you could laugh at drunken womanising violent sexist wife beaters, Thats about the only good thing in the Mirror..
    What little readership they had in BFG is about to stop as they are no longer publishing in Europe.
  6. I read the Mail so I can get all angry before I start the day

    The Metro so I can avoid eye contact with freaks on the train

    The News of the World on sunday cos its either that or the People, which is crap.
  7. does'nt the mirror have.............................


  8. No one read quality broadsheets rather than tabloids? I just feel I'm not getting value for money with a tabloid.
  9. you ever tried reading a broadsheet on the tube during rush hour?
  10. Telegraph on line cos I is tight- sorry careful with my money
  11. NO! When it becomes a proper newspaper again, with independence of thought and a rather more sceptical view of our government, whatever the colour, then it might be worth some attention. But at the moment - no.
  12. Countryside.
  13. The Mirrior is the Guardian for the uneducated
  14. i read online papers. so reuters,, etc etc.

    You get a wider variety of information, and majoratively the report is the same, surprisingly.