Does anyone here go to the Burton-on-Trent TA centre?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Flobblem, Apr 10, 2010.

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  1. I am going down to the centre on Tuesday to have a look around since I am keen on joining, but there are several things confusing me.
    1) The post code on the Army website is wrong and shows somewhere on the oposite side of Birmingham from Derby.
    2) I typed in the correct adress that I found on tanearyou_org into Google Earth and it came up with a random indistrial estate and highlighted a tile centre and a restraunt and after drifting around I could not see anywhere that looked remotely like a parade area or anything.
    Can anyone shed some light on the situation and either provide mroe accurate information or some directions from Derby?


    P.S. here are the adresses that I could find;

    ( adress) --- Burton-on-Trent TA Centre, Coltman House, Hawkins Lane, Burton-on-Trent, DE14 1PT ---

    (Army Website adress) ---TA Centre
    Coltman House
    Hawkins Lane
    DY14 1PT ---

    P.P.S. can anyone also tell me any of the buslines that run to Burton on Trent from Derby? The Trent Barton website is naff.
  2. It is, indeed, at the DE14 1PT address. It seems a bit misleading as it's on the corner of Hawkins Lane and Wharf Road with the entrance actually in Wharf Road.

    I also was scratching my head while trying to locate it for you, but walked down Hawkins Lane using Street View until I found the green wagons.
  3. what unit is it ?
  4. I think that its a company of 4 MERCIAN, but could be wrong :?
  5. By bus (depending on where you're starting - I used the City Centre coach stop), Trent Buses Service V1. Takes about an hour including an 11 minute walk at the end.

    Use to put in your starting postcode. :)
  6. Service V1 doesn't seem to be shown on the Trent Barton website, but the X38 seems to do the trick.

    Stop C1 in Victoria Street at 5.30pm 5.50pm 6.20pm 7.00pm 8.00pm 9.00pm
    Takes about half an hour to reach High Street in Burton.

    On the way back from Bay 10 in High Street: 8.30pm 9.30pm 10.30pm 12.50am 1.50am
    The last one takes about an hour.
  7. Thank you very much putteesinmyhands, that was extremely helpful ^^
    Are you a part of that unit?
  8. No. Don't think I've ever been to Burton. I've drank their flavoured water, though.
  10. Spigot - It would be easier, yes, but the Burton unit is specifically Infantry, whereas the one in Derby is Signals.
    It also makes sense because I plan to join the Regulars in the future and the Mercians would be one of my choices after Sandhurst ;)
  11. Not sure if it is the Same TAC as the Signals,

    However C Coy 4 Mercian are based in Mansfield My limited sense of geography tells me that it may be closer to Derby for you than Burton?
  12. I wasn't aware of that unit, thanks for the heads up.
    From Derby I don't think it is any closer tbh, but it is clsoer to where I live normally so I might be able to jump a local bus ^^