Does anyone feel they are being watched?

Discussion in 'REME' started by Oscilloscope, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. Have been away for a while, and have logged on to read the forum and topics etc...

    Can't help but notice that I feel most of DEME(A) seem monitor this site and write some of the replies in the threads? This is probably justification enough for the size of the Corps HQ.... What do they do??? I bet there will be a Cfn article on what HQ DEME(A) do soon now I said that!

    Is this part of a DEME(A) info ops campaign? Are we being slowly cohersed to think to things the Corps weekend was a good thing? (even though it probably was ultimatey paid for from our own Corp funds)

    Just a thought......
    What do you think? :thumright:
  2. I hope they do read the site. At least they may take notice to some of our grievances, many of which we would probably never mention in person.
  3. Oscilloscope

    Not sure if those clowns monitor this site, not to bothered as I retired a long time ago - lol

    The Corps Weekend was pretty good in my opinion, spent a lot of the Saturday at the beer tent chatting to old Comrades. Embarasing thing is most of them are still serving, still managed to keep up on the drink front though - even as a pensioner!

  4. If they are watching, I would like to say how wonderful the REME is, infact if I didn't have a wife and kids to feed I would do this job completely free of charge!

    Thank you as always, Sirs

    :heart: methiman!
  5. Yes, it happens to me all the time. In fact it happened to me in Toys R Us yesterday when i was fingering my hoop at checkout.
  6. Yeah, but did you skiff the till lady anyway?
  7. No, i'm far too much of a Gentleman for that though i did skiff the kids and the dog in the car.
  8. Glad you didn't waste a loaded finger! :D
  9. I can see yooooooo!!
  10. Only when I'm dogging :)
  11. Of course we are being watched, the 6 foot tall bunny rabbit told me so. He also said that Corps weekends can be a jolly day out, if organised well with loads of beertents and b-bq stands, live music and all that sort of stuff that can make a really great event.

    Pity there is no money or manpower to do such an extravaganza
  12. Always on watch for journalists and their ilk, we're easy targets for dodgy women with a notepad.
  13. And even easier targets for women wearing panty pads
  14. I hope no-ones watching, explaining the child sized patch of earth in my garden away as "I just buried my Mum's dead Alsatian" would wear a bit thin if they had footage of me lowering this months victim into a shallow grave.

    :twisted: :twisted:
  15. There's other ways to try and make people laugh and get attention. They just take a little more intelligence and work than cheap shots about the abduction, rape and murder of children and claiming to be a paedophile.
    ADD = Attention Deficit Disorder. Any attention is good attention?
    Sick humour is for lazy people with low self-esteem. Maybe a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist could help?
    I hope all is well in the end and you get the support you need.