does anyone do soldiering anymore?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bibo_boy, Oct 15, 2011.

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  1. i remember all sigs were wannabe infantry types now all we do is fire 25 rnds a year.
  2. speak for yourself, i've spent a week picking brass up on a GPMG course. Should have weighed it in.
  3. Im guessing your not Sigs! Last thing I picked up was a cold standing in a field all weekend baby sitting a laptop!
  4. Join 63 then. Plenty of opportunity to blat rounds whatever trade you are.
  5. How does it work with getting rounds? If you're at the right level (SNCO) can you not organise some training and request rounds?
  6. Simpley put. Yes, you can. But there is a little more to it.
  7. Most TA Signal Regiments do not get to use anywhere near their annual entitlement (avg 57,000 rds 5.56mm dependent on role).

    This is sometimes due to non availability of range facilities / MTDs or more usually due to 70 blokes "promising" that they will be turning up for a range weekend and then 15 actually turning up.
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  8. Surely that would allow them to fire 5 times as much ammunition, not less?
  9. Not really, if it's for MATTs training etc and you are trying to get through the extra ammunition you can't really just switch to automatic and give it some rock and roll action to turn live into brass.

    Invariably you end up returning boxes of unused ammo to the RQ.
  10. That is dinosaur poo's idea of military training; standing on the point with weapon roughly pointing down the range, emptying magazines, all whilst breathing through his mouth and dribbling.

    The failed stab ****.
  11. your not from my unit! SNCOs can't do shite. Thats all down to puzzle palace with their magic 8-ball!
  12. We are only expected to do "soldiering" for Lanyard trophy, inter sqn competitions and CLM's
  13. lanyards ok and as for inter sqn competitions... Ha! There's only about 3 people in the other sqns.

    It's a little frustrating when all the good things we joined for don't happen anymore... Join the TA and sit in a 9x9!

    I can't remember when we did AT last and it's been so long since I've seen my weapon that I've forgotten how to use it (no puns)
  14. I put a head on a coax the other day. It's a pain in the arse having to use the extractor fans every time you do it though. I usually don't bother to be honest.
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  15. Well realistically how much mil training do you expect a signals unit to do? Surely the priority is for your guys to be proficient in the job that the army has trained and paid you to do. Which probably involves a lot of sitting around in 9x9s.

    If you genuinely prefer the mil stuff, why not just transfer to the infantry? Bit of a no brainer.
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