Does anyone do a Low Carb diet?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by JoeProsser94, Aug 25, 2010.

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  1. I'm trying to cut weight for Harrogate as I'm a bit bulky from 2 years of weight training and what not, but I'd like to lose some fat with it to, so does anyone know of a good low carb diet plan or whatever I could possibly follow to lose some weight?

    Pm me.
  2. I dont like low carb diets, as I believe you need an even balance of carbs/proteins/fats and lots of water, especially for military training.

    If this is the path your looking to go down however, then google Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD). Its basically a zero carb diet, the forces your liver to deplete glycogen stores and you litterally use bodyfat to fuel your activities. Obviously the more you do (ie running, cycling, weights) the more energy you expend and the more fat you burn!! Bodybuilders sometimes use this diet to cut up.

    One thing - dont do it for too long!! Theres no substitute for a healthy balanced diet and increasing your phys if you want to shed some weight. Calories used should exceed calories consumed. Simples!
  3. I used to do a lot of bodybuilding, not contest stuff ofc, but just general, I was deep into it, never cut though so I'm a bit chubby atm, all that rice and chicken haha.

    I know of Ketosis and I just bought ketone strips last night, so I think I am going to give it a go, I've planned a menu out aswell, just hopefully I don't turn into an arse when I ain't eating carbs like in the past.

  4. Either way, you WILL feel like shit for a good few weeks until your body adapts.

    Phys will be interesting during that time.
  5. By interesting you mean, solid ******* work haha.

    Yeah I'll give it a go anyway, see how I feel after about 2 weeks.

    Need 8 pound to lose before I'm accepted.
    I wish they didn't judge by BMI.
  6. I just had a slight change of plan, considering I'm 17 in febuary, I think it might be best that I concentrate on my running and losing weight slowly until then instead of trying to rush it all now.

    Would this be a better plan? ?

    Keeping a balanced diet to still lose weight until February?

  7. I was 'fatigued' for about 5 days- a week when i tried it, then my energy levels went back to normal. After that didnt notice much of a decrease in energy/stamina/endurance when in the gym or running at a steady pace, but did notice a difference when thrashing the fitness and/or sprinting.

    Like I said, its okay for short term but I preffer a balanced diet and hard phys personally.
  8. Yeah mate - a better plan IMO. Fcuk if you eat sensible, drink lots of water and thrash the phys you should drop 8lbs in no time.

    BTW when I went through 'Selection' my BMI was way too high. It wasnt till I stripped off for the Doc and he seen I lifted weights that he okayed it
  9. Ah fair dos.

    I think I might just hit up the weights again now and get a bit more cut haha, just eat high protein and reduce my carbs slightly I think, just make it enough to get through on.

    Did you do pushups and that before your selection or just weights man?
  10. I'm heavy for my height, but was a dab hand at the boxing and muay thai. Couldn't consider cutting down on the carbs as a 2 hour session is basically 2 hours of HIIT work.
    That and I like the pies.
  11. Just knock the volume down on the weights and continue with the endurance work.
    At my most gym going time, I was in there 3 times a week, which with a good program is enough.
    Personally like the 5/3/1 method as you can adjust the volume easily through the accessory work and there is a easy progression with deload sessions buit in.
  12. In short (due to following text wall) yes... but I would not recommend it when trying to gain muscle mass or doing high end exercise as your body will be starved. This should only be used to slim down.

    That said, I tried it for 3 solid weeks and maintained a cardio program with light weights and not 2kg in that time and suffered not adverse reaction/side effects - in fact, bot my aerobic and anaerobic performance increased measurably and I felt generally better. I stopped the program as I had a pre-adsc in the works and wasn't willing to risk anything but also due to my job and shopping habbits here in france, the prep/maintenance time was taking over.. and im a lazy git :p

    The following is a copypasta from the Author Tim Ferriss' blog.

  13. Before I joined up in 1998, I reduced my weight from 120 kg to 95kg in 3 months.
    Over the last 5 years, my weight had again risen to over 110 kg but within the last 4 months I've returned back to a healthy 91 kg.
    How? Ditching the car and cycling to and from work, and cutting out dairy products. But mostly, reducing calorific intake.
  14. I thought that BMI was only used as a rule of thumb and special circumstances could be made.