does anyone agree that this man is a nob head

no-at least he can tell stroeys...and he knows quite a lot on military hiserrrey


War Hero
TT gets my vote!
If you can't take a good kicking, don't post. Can't be a KINGO without that attribute!
No more than the rest of us.

I think an apology is in order here Jonny Lewis.

You have made at least two mistakes so far: 1. You have been rude to a lot of people some of whom you will meet in real life. 2. You have used your real name.

I suggest that you go and watch a copy of Sean Connery's 'The Hill" becasuse that's facing you right now.



pupgreen said:
tankie though he could handle it..just about..

I hope you don't mean the knob head who started the thread 8) Or are you talking about the star of the show now - ramblings of a flower seller with a little cold me thinks pup.
awww stop sniffling pup
The very worst kind i hear. Should stop sitting outside that draughty pillbox, robbing soldiers of their uniforms. :)
if you can,t take a bit of banter i suggest you join the salvation army cos you,ll get a few beatings shouting off like this in barracks.wise up little man! :twisted:
Tartan Terrier has my vote, always seemed a decent and fair bloke!!

Think you need to take a look at yourself Jonny Lewis!!

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