Does anyone actually like the 9/12L?

Having been in this persons' (very PC - IIP and all that)army for a while, I have to say that in all my years I have yet to meet a genuinely nice 9/12L.  is this me, or are they really all a bunch of tossers? ???


War Hero
No they're fab, I did my basic trng with some, fine chaps and good on the wazz, never met them again tho!
As a former member of the LDSH[RC] who are allied to the boneheads I found them not too bad the officers were a bit weird but not as faggy as the friggin life guards jesus murphy lol
I have always found them to be a rather brash, uncultured and chippy bunch.  My only experience of them has been entirely nasty in all respects.  Clearly people who fail to get in to normal cavalry regiments and the RTR end up with this bunch of muppets!

I'm not one for slagging off other regiments but may I suggest they all try a little bit harder to get on with their fellow human beings, at least this will be a start point.
Had a couple of DS at Dark Blue training establishments who were 9/12L.  Fine chaps, both of them, just didn't understand a word they said!
Your quite right fartsac they are just a complete load of tossers , always have been always will be. We (16/5th) took over  a couple of barracks from them and couldnt wait for them to leave. Utter shits and arrogant twats come to mind.
Having served with 9/12th, 16/5th and a 'more senior regiment' I will stick with the fractions any day . The cap badge of the 'more senior regiment' is a daily reminder of how they act - two faced.
In my opinion, great bunch.  Certainly better than those QDG types.  Now there's a bunch of wierd ones.  Baaaaa
And another reason to like the 9/12L.....A rather graphic sex education video that came out a few years ago!
I must protest at the digs directed at the QDG they are a quality bunch of lads!!

If they didn't like you matbe you should take a long hard look at yourself!!!!!!

The 9/12L is a fair one they are crap and nobody likes them!!!! :eek:
Ive done 22 Yrs in th cav and i have never heard of the 9/12? what history do they have ?,  what have they ever done?, who are they?, are they all clones or borg unable to think,act, re-act? servive as an indevidual? must they work as a collective?>
I have worked with all the other RAC regiments and found many good soldiers & friends amongst the RAC with whom to have a pint or 2, but never a 9/12th in the bar to sup with? So i must go along with the concensuos of the boeard and say that if they DO exsist then they are a bunch of worthless, No hopers, Dim wit, Tossers, whio havent even done a Bosnia tour yet. GET A LIFE & A JOB YOU MUPPETTS.
So you being 36 and having served 22 years with the cav you joined at 14. mmmmmmm think not.
Quick but not quick enough my friend, Joined at 15, close to 37 now so very close to 22yrs give or take a decade if you want to be excact  ;).
Tally ho old chap
dont go near them or they will assimilate you

resistance is futile
I have to agree with the majority here the 9/12 are a complete buch of carpet munchers  ;D i worked with them last year in Batarse !! and i can confirm that they are all as shallow as their operational experience :D

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