Does anyone actually like being in the Army anymore?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Forastero, Jan 6, 2012.

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  1. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    I asked this question at work today and got a shitstorm of replies, all across the spectrum. Some typical and well known gripes but some surprisingly basic honest ones 'I feel quite proud to wear a uniform really' for example. I must admit, if I distil it down to the basic reason why I joined then yes, that's what me makes me different from the commuting civvies that I share a train with every day but it does, of course, go beyond that as we get older, more cynical and have done the things we set out to do at the beginning; ops, AT that sort of thing.

    Anyone else actually still like being in the Army (alright then, the Armed Forces for the sake of being inclusive although not really sure about the Crabs obviously) despite no pay rises, redundancies etc?
  2. No. I don't. In fact I'm signing off at the end of the month to do maritime security. I'll have me mortgage paid off within 5 years! The army is now all work and no play. I don't mind going on operations but where's the fun in between? You're either on ops, training for ops, or training other ***** for ops. No money in the system for anything either except for operational reasons. It's a ******* joke.

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  3. Like everyone else, this is the new vogue.

    Afew years ago it was the Australian army.
  4. Now I am in the job to finish the rest of my time in I can say I do enjoy it, the change in job has done the trick and it has got me feeling how I did ten years ago. The previous time in LSR's nearly killed my career and was close to signing off. The tempo at working units has just sky rocketed.
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  5. Honestly?

    I'm proud of being a soldier (well, Royal Signals). I'm proud of the tours I've done and that I've done a lot of things that 95% of the population will never do. I'm proud of doing a job that's generally respected by most people.

    On the other hand though, there really is no fun left in the job anymore is there? You can have a Troop day out but there's not a hope of getting a minibus out of the MT to get there. You can organise a Troop social evening but there's no chance of a late start the day after. The only time you get on the ranges is for your APWT (unless you're going on tour obviously) and I can't remember the last time I saw an attempt to organise a 'fun shoot' while you're there anymore. You arrive, you zero, you fire your APWT, you sit in the troop shelter waiting for the bus home again.

    The only things that matter anymore are Afghanistan, 'career management' (it appears to be an obsession with some of the CofC these days - why aren't you on this course, why don't you do this for your CR? Apparently it's now official that being good at your trade isn't enough to get promoted these days), pointless paperwork to document Equipment Care while the kit itself sits and rots because you're spending your time filling in paperwork instead of actually doing anything with it and ITDs.

    So in short I'm very proud of the job I do but it is a little bit shit now.
  6. Yeah, tried the Aussie army but they're not after grunts. In fact I've tried about 3 times now over the years. £4-7000 a month tax free on a ship or stuck in a port will do me nicely.
  7. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    To a man (and woman), everyone said much the same thing today - 'There's no fun in it anymore.' There was an Admin Instruction going around for some AT in France (skiing comp, not my cup of tea admittedly) and there was sod all funding for it and ii was going to cost in the region of £800 - for a week. How the hell do you persuade a young tom to part with that sort of cash? You don't, frankly.
  8. Another who thinks the fun has gone from the job. I still enjoy some bits, but if the redundancy fairy was to touch me with her wand, I'd grab it with both hands and run. I'll then use my redundancy payout to open a wee teashop in Jockland (no Buckfast will be served!)
  9. Have got to agree with what has been said so far, no time to have fun any more. The last time I did any AT was so long ago I forget, the last one I remember was 2000 in Cyprus.

    Yes I am proud to have done what I have, I am still proud to wear the uniform but I am in it for the pension now and that is it, role on 2014.
  10. I still like being in the Army. True, it's not as good as it was. But it's one of the pendulum thingies metaphorically speaking.
    I reckon we are about to reach the extremes of shitness over the sdsr tranches and the next couple of years, then the pendulum will start to swing the other way. Things will pick up for thems that's left........
  11. Not taking the piss,mate, but you have my sympathy. I did a fair bit of travelling in my last civvy job and often got talking to serving soldiers on train journeys.
    Invariably they were either coming or going to Afghanistan. Don't get me wrong. None of them complained but there was an air of resigned acceptance about them. I did Malaya/Borneo and wouldn't have wanted that on a regular basis: Afghan even less so.
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  12. given the number of walts on this site shouldn't the question be

    Does anyone actually like pretending to be in the Army anymore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  13. Forastero,
    I have been out of the mob for almost a year now, but still feel qualified to contribute to your thread. :)
    When you reach the stage where there is no room (or funding) for extra-mural activities such as AT and "enjoyable" range packages (as touched on by jimmys-best-mate), you have lost the ethos and the ideal work/play balance. I saw it reducing from about 10 years ago and at the time of my departure it was getting ridiculous. As you say, AT is still available (just), but to the average tom is almost unaffordable. The Army (and I suspect the other Services) has become a top-heavy organisation, burdened by over-regulation and a ridiculous "tick in the box" culture, at the expense of real soldiering. Yes, the Armed Forces has to live within its means, but the Government/MOD seems to be strangling the life out of it. The truly difficult issue for the CofC now is how to keep their rank and file enthused and motivated when back from Ops, when they are faced with minimum funding, a reduced training fleet and very few options when it comes to real estate. Stagging on and sweeping the garages could just about cut the mustard with the BAOR warriors (because they had a shed load of down time and other activities to counter the mundane), but it doesn't flick the switch of the young warriors of today.
    As stated before, I am proud to have served, but I sure as hell don't envy those still in today.
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  14. NO! Just a couple more years to pension. Not only is there no fun but for me we are now, more than ever just used by whichever gobernment. I could go on but it just makes me grumpy............. even more grumpy!
  15. I remember at my last unit. the new CO came in and had all of us around for a fire side chat, each rank range on a different chat... At the time half the unit was preparing to deploy on OPs, the whole unit a year and a half later would then be deploying... Within this conversation was brought up what he intended to happen during his tenior, which included time for AT and more Regimental fun activities.... I piped up at the end explaining that most of the deployable personnel were now on training and this included a 3 month stint in Canada, then the various exercises on prior to thdeployment then a month after their return the wholde Regiment would then go through the entire process again, so where was this time for AT etc..... He didn't answer me...... Maybe thats why I missed out on a top slot in the Regt this year :(