Does Anybody Remember?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Danny_Dravot, Dec 30, 2006.

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  1. Does anybody remember when the RLC forum was relatively entertaining and contained some good old intra-corps / CEG rivalvry....

    Its completely degenerated into a friends-reunited sub-site with endless threads such as....

    Does anyone rember JLR Dogsh!te?

    Any ex-ACC in here?

    Who knows Smudge, Dinger and Shiner all 3 ADTR in 1980?

    Who was on Ex LIONHEART 2?

    blah blah blah blah.....I blame the ATs, bunch of pointy-headed, bespectacled nerds!
    (Proper ATs excluded ie. the ones that do the ACTUAL bomb-disposal)
  2. get a life knob jockey
  3. maybe the 'im far more superior than yows' A.T's should have their own forum as the rlc forum seems to be full of A.T bo lax anyway.
    the bomb doctor forum,see simple, then they can blow sunshine up their own hoops to their hearts content.

    wait for it...............INCOMING
  4. I think you'll find that the ATs that do not do the bomb disposal are the "proper ATs", the whole bomb disposal thing is like painting by numbers.

    ...... oh I see - you have cleverly drawn me into your rivalry argument.

    Notwithstanding your guile and cunning nature, only an utter fuckpiece would make that comparison. I am not an AT though - not clever enough, in any event looking at ammunition all day can't be that interesting.
  5. I am sure that the ATs have there own website - so I am told anyway, I am led to believe that you can only join it if you are in the know. That's probably why there are no ATs posting on here anymore, they are all basking in the warmth of their own self appreciation on a private URL somewhere.
  6. i think the recent GC and MC winners may disagree?
  7. Sammy, well done, you have outed yourself as a throbber of the highest order with that comment!

    GB Im with you. I wonder what Capt N thinks about" painting by numbers".
  8. I was an ATO who told me that EOD was painting by numbers as all the basic procedures are written down - and a "proper" one as you would claim. As for what Capt N would think, I don't know, as I understand it he sustained his injuries due to standing on a pressure mat, he was just unlucky. It was nothing to do with his undoubted prowess in bomb disposal.
  9. Sammy

    Do not be a chimp. IEDD is far from painting by numbers - needs a bit of original thought and bags of courage. The ATO who told you that gem was probably being self deprecating and over modest. Or he misunderstood!!
  10. or he'd failed the high risk course because 'his face didn't fit!'
  11. I have nothing but respect for ATs and ATOs - but no more or less respect than I have for Suppliers, Drivers, Petroleum Operators, Postal and Courier Operators, Maritime Engineers, Ocean Watchkeepers, System Analysts or Pioneers.

    You are more than likely right that the ATO who told me that was being modest - thinking about it, all the ATOs I know (don't know many ATs) are pretty modest guys (and a little bit off the wall). My point is that an ATO who spends his day investigating accidents which will lead to better safety in the production of ammunition is no less valued than the ATO who spends his day filling his pants at the prospect of being blown up.

    I can only speak for the ATOs that I have met - but I guess that they would agree. If you don't agree then fair enough.
  12. No respect for chefs then? Not that I am one. Glad you mentioned Pioneers though. as you made need one to dig you out of this hole that you have created!
  13. EOD is painting by numbers under common palance, most mean CMD when they say EOD. IEDD, like CMD, is a subset under EOD but requires a little (okay, a lot) more intelligence and knowledge which is why AT do it. Capt N is an extremely brave man, who is facing life now in this vein, just as he did before that incident. I personally think it wrong for anyone to assume what he may, or may not, think about anything EOD related, you are using his name in vain.

    The real 'AT' are the ones in depots or with 6 / 9 Regt, I'm sure most 11 Regt bods would agree. The shame of it is, the Corps are so short of ATs that you can spend your life in 11 with no chance to further your all-round AT knowledge by having a bit of time off a pager and playing APB cricket!!!
  14. Sorry BS (and any reading Chefs), didn't mean to miss the chefs off - the list was not meant to be authoratative and merely an illustration that one CEG should not be more or less valued than another on the grounds of its "sexiness".
  15. Christ on a stick. Surely we - as a corps and a forum - can do better than this................