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Discussion in 'REME' started by liverman, Feb 15, 2005.

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  1. "I want to be a swamp rat

    like all you other men

    and just to prove I'm man enough

    I'll down my drink in ten

    1-2-3 etc...

    Does it still go on?
  2. No. We're much more efficient now and do it in no more than 5 :D :D :D
  3. You ard git! :wink:

    It was a pint of rum and coke, once in of course it almost immedietly
    came straight back out.
  4. the swamp rats died in 93 when the brig in charge of belize at the time got fed up with all his best troops tryin to swim in the sweet water canal :(
  5. after that all that was left was cane juice in rauls :lol: 8O :oops:
  6. :( R.I.P Old swampy. What a scrote for stopping it. The sweet water canal was the best way of building up anti-bodies in the world. It you suvived a dip in there you would never be ill again.
  7. and the fastest way to get an all expence paid trip to miami,
    the closest hospital to treat the 200 known diseases in it :lol:
  8. Swamprats your legasy lives on i'm out here now there is a painting presented to you in the es wksps rest room, i asked an old swamprat what it was all about he told me nothing.
  9. that was half of the fun, letting people try and guess what we did :roll:
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  10. There is still a few of us about and it was rum and orange not coke
    "Swamp Rats Rule OK"
  11. Still have the t shirt and Lighter. Summer 84.
  12. Fellow Swamp Rats

    I left Belize in 92 and I can tell you that the blerk in charge of the book with all Swamp Rats from the start in it(Mr BBQ) at the time, was leathered the day after his GOZOMI, swamped his bed, slept in for MCCP and left the swamped book under his bedspace!!!!! Tw@t.

    It was panic stations for a while after, as we know this organisation was banned and underground. It can't have been found though as the OC at the time would have Court Martialed the feckin lot of us.

    Rum and Coke in 10. Orange is for poofs. And it was a biggun.
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  13. I was swamped in 85 and was chief rat on a swampy night before my gozome in may of that year, very happy days!
  14. I was done in 81 under the Guidence of (ASM) A*** B****, now an instructor at SEME I think, a top top ASM.

    It is Rum and Coke not orange , you puffs.

    Still got the brown T Shirt but lost the lighter years ago.

    {edited by H_de_T} no names on the board please
  15. Still got mine too but it doesnt fit. I was Chief Rat just before my gozome in May 84 ish I may have even been the Swamper on your intro . Happy Days