Does anybody remember TOBIAS?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bubbles_Barker, May 25, 2008.

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  1. Saw one today - can't remember what the name stood for.
  2. Terrestrial Observation By Intrusion Alarm System but its correct name was Alarm Set, Anti-Intrusion, Restricted Area.

    Introduced in 1969 so you must be an old bugger.
  3. that the thing with the geophones?
    it actually works well caught one suspicious Israeli tourist with a load of electronics gear around the time of granby :D
  4. I was racking my brains trying to think where I'd heard the name.

    We had one demonstrated to us in about '78 or '79. At the time, the British Army seemed to be entering a technological phase, with all manner of wondrous things being brought out (laser rangefinders, for instance).

    The impression was given that TOBIAS would be rolled out to give security support to virtually all units. Never saw (or heard) of it again, though.
  5. I am indeed old. We used it at RMAS in '79 and that was the last I saw of it. Until today - on Ebay, where somebody (who didn't know what it was) sold one without geophones for the princely sum of £6.80..............
  6. I seam to remember using somthing very similar in NI in the early 90s.

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  8. I did a course at the School of Inf Support Weapons Wing, Netheravon, in 1970 or 71 on IRIS and TOBIAS. Although they worked as standalone systems, integrating them worked better.
    Yes they both worked, but you need a bit of experience listening to Tobias to get the best out of it. Biggest problem with both systems was laying the poxy D10 cable.
    The Septics used air delivered radio geophones (Tobias-alike) in Vietnam, particularly on the Ho Chi Minh trail, to good effect, I understand.

    In a cable-free modern version, something similar could be a useful asset.
  9. we just walked the perimeter with a pick axe handle the VC shi t themselves

  10. I'm sure Tobias was used around the Golf and Romeo Towers.
  11. Did anybody understand any of that?
  12. Not a word. Must recharge weed filter

    About as useful to people as a Lenny Henry vinyl LP

    Add in sophisticated DSP, make it air drop and consider it *probably* a done job. :wink:
  13. Right, put the spliff down, take a walk and start again. This time use punctuation and also ensure you put down all the words in your head.
  14. My thoughts exactly.