does anybody know why the 9/12 wear a cloth cap badge?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by FlagHead, Jan 29, 2006.

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  1. just wondered cause i was asked by a poacher when i got in theatre and felt a right tit now knowing
  2. If it's the cap badge that I think it is, you'd be breaking them on the panzer all the time.

  3. The Lancer,s on the badge kept breaking, thats why!!!
  4. thanks chaps, now i know!!!
  5. Probably doesn´t hurt as much when they wipe their arrse with it! :lol:
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  7. they had to stop using the metal ones because they kept melting them down for scap and using the money to feed their crystal meth addiction

  8. I bet you feel like a right tit now for asking,or didn´t your comrades know either! :twisted:
  9. Here we go again on the 9/12 theme....
  10. Oh come on its all a bit of banter,
    The guy was asking for incoming with his post .
  11. Agreed!
    I'm not standing up for them, they're big boys.... :)
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  13. Expand...I'm interested.......
  14. I remember asking a 14/20th in the ´70´s,about his cloth capbadge,he replied that the plastic ones broke too easily(plastic,how cheap can you get?)when sat upon;The vision of `Skipping Chickens`sitting on each others faces just doesn´t bear thinking about! :twisted:
  15. The reason why 9/12L have cloth cap badges is so that you muppets can get confused and keep saluting us. Also the lances kept bending and the it was either gives us cloth cap badges or disband the RA. So they went for the cap badges and the Army lost out!