Does anybody know?? UPDATED!!

Discussion in 'RLC' started by bombdr2494, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering where i stand here, i got told by my ao that i was being discharged as an admin discharge under medical grounds. My AO asked me the other day if i had seen my discharge papers, i replied i hadnt, so he said i should see them sometime that day. Later that day i had to see the CC ref a pay problem, she said my papers where there, and would i like a copy, so i replied yes. When she saw the paperwork she said its a medical discharge and i had better go to the med center as she wasnt sure whether i should still be in off i popped to the med center. Nobody had any idea where the paperwork had come from or that i was to be md. I had to return to work so said i will call later to see if this had been sorted. Anyway after dinner i rang the med center and asked if they were any the wiser. I was told they eventually rang my AO and he informed them the wrong paperwork had been sent out and if i went to se ehim he woud explain further. Went to see the AO and said sir you wanted to see me, to which he replied yes i do you little ****** get in here (strange as i hadnt done anything wrong) he said earlier when i asked you if you had seen your paperwork you said no, i replied yes sir, he then said but you were at the med center with your paperwork i replied yes sir, i said sir i ahd to see the cc ref pay problem and she said it was there and to go to the med center, you can check with her, he replied i want a copy of that now **** OFF out my office. Im begining to wonder whether he was trying to boot me out on the sly, as cost cutting, and he dropped himself in it as he told me my papers where there, and now all the med center etc no about the paperwork. So where do i go from here?? i wouldnt mind but the injury happened on tellic, and the army left me on the Y list for six months without getting me anywhere near a millitary dr and i had to sort everything out myself with no help. Any help much appreciated.

    Also my date is 4th april, and resettlement paperwork only just sent as it took ages for the med paperwork, doesnt give me any time as courses will be fully booked up and how will i get all that done by april?
  2. In time honoured fashion........"Dry your eyes princess and open up a can of HARDEN UP!"
  3. Does anyoune have the faintest idea what bombdr is harping on about?

    I am as lost as his discharge paperwork.
  4. And while we are at it. Sort your fecking grammar out!

    I know I am not perfect but good grief.

    What are you allegedly getting kicked out for I wonder? Acute spasticitis I would gather. Its certainly one of the worst cases I have seen.
  5. Im not bothered about the way he spoke, but im left wondering wtf is going on and why i wasnt allowed to see the paperwork which was effectively mine anyway. The thing is i have NEVER been in front of any med board which you would need for an md.
  6. ok you potentially deserve sympathy as your injury was received on Op Telic. (was it in a contact, or just twisted your ankle playing football?)

    sounds like you need some clarification on whether it is an admin discharge or a medical discharge. perhaps you should go and ask the CC to explain it to you.

    seems you don't really have a complaint as such about your treatment, but are just confused about what is happening to you...?
  7. If what you are saying is true then you need to go through the correct channels as it appears you are being seriously fu--ed about.I just can't believe the army are discharging you without telling you why or going through the correct procedures.
  8. The injury happened when our vehicle overturned, and my back was severely f**ked. I did ring the discharge cell and they told me it was a full md. But my AO is saying it should be an admin discharge, as they can no longer employ me in ANY trade, so if im stuck for jobs in the army then surely im going to find it hard to gain emplyment in civy street, so therefore it should be a MD i have nil discipline problems, and was perfectly fine before this happened. My other grip is any serving soldier will get 12 months to sort out resettlement, i ahve to have it all sorted by april.....doesnt seem fair to me.
  9. Sounds like a meeting with your OC first very ASAP--- being 'Fxxked around ' like this does not sound like the army that I left a few years ago.
    If you dont get a clear answer and the correct paperwork then make a quick move to see a local, military sympathetic solicitor. They should give you a free half hour advice session. An AD indicates potentially 'no medical pension' so make sure that if appropriate, you go for the MD. Why not see the Padre ?

    As regards the previous unhelpful and unsympathetic replies F OFF and help someone for a change.
  10. Obviously there are 2 sides to every story, but going from what you have said and it being correct, but you AO was wrong in stating your getting a AD for the reason he said.
    You should be getting a MD because the MEDICAL INJURY sustained during the accident is causing you not to be able to carry your duties as a soldier. So, it should be a MD.
    See your Tp Comdr or you should have a decent SNCO who can go asking questions.
  11. Bit hard to do, our troopy is fresh in from the factory and troop sgt away, so really just guys the same rank as myself. I was warned by a snco to watch the AO as he had fooked a few people over if he thought it was saving the army money, looks like the only answer if the welfare as im being sent from pillar to post with my sqn.
  12. If you are looking at an AD on medical grounds rather than a MD, simply do not know what is going on and have never seen a medical board then there is perhaps something very badly wrong with the way your case has been dealt with.

    Push it up the chain in formal terms, asking for a full written answer setting out the grounds and terms of your discharge. Keep copies of everything and if a meeting a note of what is said and by whom, with dates and times. I promise you, may need all that later on if a dispute arises.
  13. Well back at work monday so will push it further then, thanks for the replies, looks like whatever has happened has plenty of holes in it. So i shall wait and see.
  14. I have just spoken to a friend at the MoD and it transpires that you are being fu##ed up ,stitched up whatever,my advice bearing in mind you have nothing to lose in terms of career prospects is to get in front of your OC as soon as possible ,like now.
  15. Have a look on your paper work, under what section of Queen's regs does it say you are being discharged for?