Does anybody know about pay dates

I don't want to come across as one of these boys who's "in it for the money" as I am most definitely not.
However, I am taking part in the condensed training summer challenge and was wondering when you actually get paid, during, after, months after? If anyone can shed a bit of light on this it would be great. The reason I ask is that my girlfriend and I are planning on moving in together and if I could gauge when this money is coming in, it will help to decide when we start looking for places.

Cheers in advance!
Speak to your Admin Officer or PSAO.

If you (and your admin chain) get your pay-sheets in before the pay run, which is normally about the 20th of the month (although it seems to have been earlier on a couple of occasions lately - it may be holidays, it might be a grand conspiracy), you'll get paid on the first banking day of the month (as opposed to regs or mob reserve, on the last banking day.)

If your pay sheets are in late, then the next month. If there is a problem with your pay sheet (these aren't complicated forms), you forget to fill it out or your dog mistakes it for next-doors cat (or a pheasant if you are yeomanry), it can take somewhat longer.

Bounty is normally paid on the first banking day of May.
I have been on a similar 5 week summer course...basically when you get paid depends on how nice an ammenable your admin staff are. If they are good, they will tell you that in order to get paid most promptly, you should submit more than one individual attendance registers (make sure you get the attendance registers designed for continuous training btw). The cut off dates for submitting attendance registers varies, there seems to be no set pattern, even the AOs don't know how it works but its generally around the 20th (as above) for the pay you get at the end of that month.

So if you are on a long course, and it starts on say the 1st of the month, when you have done the first couple of weeks submit an attendance register for the training you have done to date before that months pay run. Then just before the next months pay run submit another attendance register for the training done since the last lot you claimed for. And so on and so fourth. :D

But if your AOs are mean they will make you wait until the end of your course before they will let you claim for pay :cry: .

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