Does anybody in germany care about security anymore?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by coolcee, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. Does anybody care about security? I work in security and on a day to day basis come across soldiers who think that the security is ok till someone tells them that not every tom dick and hans can enter military camps! then the people like myself are just here to inconvenience them! and some of the crap i and others get is unbelievable ! not an easy job trying to keep people happy but some people are impossible! but there should be no compromise on security does anyone care? or is it just a matter of time before we get some of what the uk has had in recent years!
  2. Long as you aren't letting swarthy men with beards mumbling "Allah Akbar" on post you should be okay... ;)

    Kinda surprised to hear this though... back a decade and a half ago when I was stationed there, security was very tight around Germany.
  3. Have to be careful what i say but the system is good but the people who are flanking it and thinking with the pants instead of what is under their hat
    and of course the higher so called sensible element who want the security without the inconvenience are the problem in my opinion! let us do our job and we can maintain a high degree of security but the tinkerers and so called experts are the problem!
  4. Army security has always been reactive, and nobody has been blown up, mortared, had their kids shot in the back of their car or been assassinated in Zeebrugge in the last 10 years.

    DOOR, HORSE, LOCK, BOLTED, STABLE = Security state measures

    Speak to some of the young lads, they dont even know what the IGB was, never mind Donna Mcguire & chums
  5. I know Gate 15A is so easy to climb over and since the camera doesnt work anymore anyone could plant a fake mirror bomb at the POL point. As long as you use the 18 minute and 22 second slot between the dog handler and internal patrol passing each other you cant get caught honest.

    At least we have the alert and fit security guards at the main gate to keep us safe :wink:
  6. If thats true why are you posting it on the interweb.

    Or am I having a sense of humour failure?
  7. Wah

    Just picking myself off the floor, obviously looking for your sense of humour. :twisted:
  8. Damn!!

    I'm so gullable. :evil:
  9. i think you have to go somewhere where your security sense is hightened, like our author for example, experience has tempered his. for some, being out in iraq or northern ireland wake them up to security. others just feel its like a little safe outpost that is invincible and react accordingly to threats.

    front gate security should be high, the scrotes on the gates should be able to throw any querys to the guard 2ic and ic guard easily without fear of looking stupid... that is after all what they are more scared of.
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  12. At the end of the day its your job, ..if you dont like it ...leave...or get to grips with your people skills ..if you are ex-soldier then more fool you for doing it..
  13. I find it quite enjoyable as ROS to visit the lads on the gate, patrols in the early hours of the morning and check on alertness. On the whole nothing to complain about from the lads on duty, I think the poster of this thread is on more about the lads wo are enjoying a night on the tiles. To this end Guard commander/2 iC would always get my backing and immediate support if the beer goggles turn Mr Placid to Mr KN0B. Its always a good sight to see when Im doing a guard mount the kn0bber who gobbed off to the civvy guard/young Tom on the gate the week before doing his extras.
  14. god pupgreen .....showing your age...