Does anybody here actually read the mirror?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by owee, May 13, 2004.

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  1. Yes - I've asked the local newsy to reserve my copy in fact.

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  2. Yes - But only because there's a spare hanging around at work.

  3. No - I've burned all the back issues I could find in my house too.

  4. No - Never did.

  5. When they apologise, I might.

  1. I know resigning your subscription is a vogue-ish thing to do, was wondering how many people had.
  2. Never have and after the past week, I never will read the pish that it is :evil:
  3. Read The Mirror in Bessbrook because it was there, never bought it. Very crap football coverage.
  4. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I bet that NAAFI keeps selling it though
  5. Well isn't it about time that they were told in no uncertain terms not to. Tell all your family and friends and anyone and everyone else not to buy the Mirror. Boycott the rag -it claims to speak for the people - well get the people not to buy it. That will hurt the Mirror far more than us lot. They might claim to be a high minded thingy, but all that they are really interested in is profit.
  6. I would say boycott tabloids in general. Given the right circumstances, they will all slip you the rubber dick. If somebody offered the Sun pictures of Squaddies power-dogging a cleric in Iraq, how confident are you that they would not run the story?
  7. Never read it but used it as sh*thouse paper.
  8. Already have - traitorous rag that it is. Have decided even the daily sport is superior - their coverage being non-existent or possibly debating which coalition force has the girls with the biggest breasts!

    Not sure if the sun would run any photos - seems to be waving the 'support the troops' banner, plus would gain moral upper ground over the mirror
  9. Does anyone remember Hillsborough?

    The Sun printed some really distrbing pictures of the Liverpool fans being crushed to death and then blamed the incident on the fans themselves suggesting it was started by hooligans. For over 2 years no-one in Liverpool bought the paper, and most shops refused to stock it. It was only when it printed an apology that people started buying it again in that part of the world.

    Want Morgan to resign and the paper to print a retraction? The answer is as Mushroom suggests, hit them where it hurts, their circulation and therefore their cashflow.
  10. White_Rose

    Can you remember which Tabloid it was, that broke a sensational story that Squaddies were abusing PW's by hanging them in cargo nets etc last year? The cries of "Unload" had hardly finished echoing before they were at it.

    This Tabloid then proceeded to gorge itself on a diet of looking for stories to slag the Army with. Ironically, the same Tabloid that took out a full page in Soldier, proclaiming they supported the Boys and Girls of the Basra Beach Club

    A clue

    Not the Mirror.

    They are all as bad as each other. But you get a nicer set of Chebs in the other one :D
  11. Chebs? WTF are Chebs? Is that brummy slang for Norks?
  12. Read the Mirror? I did prior to 1 may.
  13. All tabloids are crap, the Times is the only decent paper at the moment, before Iraq the Guardian was okay, but they turned.... ****.
  14. Each one is as bad as the other when it comes to headlines and gaining an "exclusive".

    As said, even the current bun will put the boot in if it sees fit.

    Trust none of them, Journo speak with forked tongue :evil:

    sent the T*AT an E Mail outlining my disgust

    A good pal at whitehall has given the hint that these arrse holes who took the pics are now known. someone bubbled them.... :twisted:
    dont think it will be long before they bubble Morron me thinks :lol: