Does Anybody have any more info on my great, great Grandad?

My great great Grandad George Herbert Burnham was Born 13th April 1882 and died Nov 1971

Was a SGT in the Royal regt of Artillery, possibly a staff sgt as there is something above his chevrons in the photo i have but it is not at all clear to make out.

I have his service medals all 7 0f them ranging from South Africa 1902 right through to a long service medal presented to him in 1917

Any more info on him would be brilliant, particulary what regt of artillery.

Georgie Burnham, well I never. I thought we hadn't seen him at the reunions recently :roll:

Try posting his army number, medal records etc and someone may help you out with a link to some freely available material which you could find out for yourself.

Failing that, engage a historian who will trawl the records at Kew for you.

Couple of George H Burnham's, whats his regimental number on the WW1 medals
Any more info on him would be brilliant

as you say
Here is a couple


Please can you post the pic where you refer to something about his chevrons? It may be a 'gun'.

298th Brigade Royal Horse Artillery 622071 Serjeant

It's written on his medal card too ;)


Formed from a nucleus of the Essex Yeomanry. Battery HQ was at Market Road, Chelmsford, with sections at Chelmsford, Colchester and Ingatestone. The ammunition column was divided between Colchester and Chelmsford. The unit was allocated as artillery support to the Eastern Mounted Brigade

The battery was duplicated in 1914, forming 1/1st and 2/1st Essex Batteries.

1/1st served to 1915 in the UK before proceeding to the Middle East where it spent the rest of the war, initially as part of the 263rd Brigade RFA with the Hampshire and West Riding Batteries. In 1917 the battery transferred to the 20th Brigade RHA TF which was the artillery support of the 7th Mounted Brigade.

2/1st served in the UK to 1916 before being sent to France for the rest of the war as part of the 298th Brigade RFA.

dante242 said:
Here is a couple
Dante, if you don't mind me asking, whereabouts did you pull those from, as they don't look like the standard Kew scans? I'd love to be able to dig up full colour copies of some of my lot!
Ta very much for your responses I wasnt sure if i would recieve any.

Im certain that 622071 was his service number, I cant be 100% as I dnt have his medal card or the actual medals, sadly only photos and a brief description of each one.

As far as i know he was from Colchester like the rest of our family so im sure were getting somewhere, it has to be him.

Above the chevrons i can just make out what looks like a rifle butt, not dissimaliar to a marksmanship badge however i cant be sure hes sitting at an angle

I will have to ask my aunt if i can post the phot as ultimatley is her choice and i would like to respect her wishes, If i get the go ahead i will (Hes sporting a very nice Tash!)

Again, thanks

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