Does anybody have any clue of training dates????

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Methtical, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. Ok, have mentioned this before but...

    its been 7 months since I was attested, and bear in mind that I was been given the same Sh.ite when I was merely enquiring 9 months ago, and yet still none of the recruits in our unit has been given the vaguest idea of when we will be sent on our recruits weekend/basic training. Latest we heard was that one of the training units had closed down, and that everyone was now having to train at the one unit, and therefore a waiting list of sorts had built up. When dates are asked about, we're told "when we know, you'll know".
    Initially I thought, "ok, be patient", but come on, practically 9 months down the line and still not even the faintest idea?? What concerns me is that if this is the shape of things to come, am I going to have to have been in for 3-4 years before I even pass basic?? It almost seems as though this is a test to see who really wants to stick around, though I honestly wouldnt blame anyone for walking away at this stage and it doesnt really instill much faith for the future.
    In addition, training nights are divided between PT nights (which of course have their value), being told what we cant do until we've done basic, and maybe..MAYBE we are shown/taught something interesting, which is something of a rarety.
    I dont mean to go on, because it seems like the guys who have been there for a few years have obviously stuck around for a good reason and seem to enjoy what they do, but im really losing confidence in all this, and I'd be grateful if anyone can shed any light whatsoever.

    Thanks for reading.


    P.S should I accept and get used to the fact that I'm having to fill the same forms in over and over again for no obvious reason?
  2. Where abouts are you based?
  3. West Midlands
  4. I'd say your experience so far is a very unusual one, I know I wouldn't put up with it, what unit is it? My advice would be to get out of there and find another unit, get a transfer and be sure to tell you PSAO why you want out.

    Tell us where you are and I'm sure someone will be able to help you out and find you a decent outfit.
  5. ok, is it Infantry or specialist?
  6. Ok i wasnt going to name-drop, but feck it.

    Its 202 Field Hospital, based in Kings heath. Thing is there are recruits that have been there a good few months longer than I have, and when chatting to them, it seems there are happy to just smile and wait to be told, but as I said Im finding it quite ridiculous.
    I had considered another unit, but the next closest is not plausible to attend really, hence my persistance at this unit.
  7. sounds a bit strange to me, most units are keen to get people in, i'd change to a dif unit if there is one nearby!
  8. This sounds like an absolutely disgusting state of affairs. I am surprised you have stayed in this long!
    1. Speak to your PSAO
    2. If he does not give you an answer you have various options, you should have a dedicated Recruiting and Retention Officer at Regimental level, who you should be able to contact.
    3. You can contact the RCT direct, ask them for dates then go back to your unit and ask to be placed on the course.
    4. Change units
    If none of the above works then PM me and I will try some contacts at my end.
  9. msr

    msr LE

  10. I used to be with 202, get onto your PSI at Brum and he will have a list of dates available, theres usually about 4 courses a year, you'll probably find yourself going to Pirbright for it.
  11. Thanks for the advice guys,

    My friends have also expressed concern as to why I have bothered to stick with it this long without no progress being made, and to be honest it was part stubborness(sp?), the thought that I should be patient, and that I knew that irony would kick me in the arrse knowing that the minute I left, dates would come forth.

    I truly think its a sad state of affairs when I have to, of sorts, go over the units head and try and arrange my own training. I joined the TA because I have a great interest in joining the regulars, and was told that the TA would be a good way to see if it was for me and get a decent idea of army life, yet given my experiences so far, I truly hope thats not the case. I shall go fish for some answers as advised, but if I get the same response, then my next phone call will be to organise when to hand my kit back in, which disappoints me a lot really, as, like I mentioned before, it seems that those that have been there for a period of time appear to enjoy it and find it worthwhile.

    Thanks again for the advice.

  12. Methtical, check your PM's.
  13. Do you not have perm recruiters in your unit, if so they should be screaming for this information from higher. They should also be doing seperate training for you to learn the basic skills.

    I would suggest if you do have perm recruiters - get some weekends signed off at least to be doing something and get them to prepare you for the training.

    If you do not have perm recruiters - well your fooked

    speak to the PSI