Does anybody else in the army do cheesepies?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chamooooone, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. According to my new collegues a 'cheesepie' follows similar rules to a 'WAH'

    A 'cheesepie' is when somebody corrects you when you deliberately make a mistake in a statement ie;

    Me: "this is a new post on Facebook"
    A.N. Other: "err, actually its ARRSE!"
    Me: "CHEESEPIE!!!"

    Now I was under the impression that this came under the rules of a WAH.

    Are there any others out there who take part in this or is it just my new RA collegues?
  2. The RA seems to have changed a lot since I left...

    *wanders off looking confused*
  3. Why would you even call it a cheesepie? :S
  4. Have we all just fallen for a very obvious cheespie?
  5. Or is this cheesepie actually a cunning wah disguised as a cheesepie? Delivered in the form of a wah?
  6. You see, this is what its constantly like!

    What is it?
  7. It could be...

    ...or maybe that's what he wants you to think 8O
  8. And here's me thinking you were going to introduce us to some horrible extrapolation of the cream pie :roll:
  9. I thought it would be about food, maybe just my stomach talking........
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Nah mate,
    I thought he was on about those Cheese & Onion Pasties you get in Horror Bags.....
    Tell you what tho,you go around shouting 'Cheesepie' and people'll think you're a right twonk!
  11. I wish I had the admin rights to move this to the ARRSE Hole. :x
  12. Im pretty sure he made this in the naafi so we could call him a stupid cnut...

    edited for being a gorm
  13. I've just wasted some valuable moments of my life reading this shitty drivel. MODs send this to the hole please.
  14. Maybe he's a chef