does anybody actually read soldier

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by jash, Feb 16, 2004.

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  1. no, i have a life, thanks

  2. yes, i quiet enjoy it actually

  3. yes, but only in the toilet

  4. yes, but only to see that there is someone worse off than myself

  1. can anyone actually say that they read soldier magazine, if so WHY ?
  2. I can !
  3. its free!!
  4. not for the sad walter mittys who buy it in their dozens.
  5. Just to see if it can possibly get any worse...and it does...every time!
  6. Used to be quite good. 20 years ago, mind. I picked up a copy a couple of years ago and saw adverts which should have been screened out by the management; 'soldier of fortune' stuff.
  7. You have to like the letters. You know the sort of thing:

    Sgt Bloggs writes in to complain that he missed out on a month's Obese Spouse Allowance 17 years ago, and he daren't take it to the CO in case it affects his career, and isn't it disgraceful. There follows a supremely patronising reply from an RO at Upavon who goes into endless detail about how it's now paid in the form of RonHill vouchers, and which chapter and paragraph the regulations may be found in, and then invites Sgt Bloggs to completely foul his career by contacting him direct.

    Oh yes, and Vox Pop at the back - has anyone else noticed how many of the sprogs featured look like Plug from the Bash Street Kids in the Beano?
  8. ah yes without doubt the only reason to read it, shame to think they must actually take themselves seriously at that place
  9. Why?

    I think it's something to do with vibrations in the larynx isn't it?
    I think you'd probably be better off asking the medics, rather than in the NAAFI.


  10. Why..?

    To see if I have won the army sports lottery or picked up an MBE...!

    And it is slightly more intresting than part one orders. :twisted:
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Stop slagging this epitome of journalistic excellence off !

    It's bloody great ! Especially VoxPop. It tells you exactly what the head shed will allow you to think.
  12. Sorry I thought we were talking about that fine publication, Soldier, not the Sun...! :oops:
  13. Which one of the w*nkers who write for it thought up the name Voxpop? Real squaddie terminolgy that eh? Voxpop? Pish. I thnk that they should do a 'Voxpop' when the Toms are bladdered, just rolled out of a taxi with no money to pay the fair, trying to light up a 'swamped' Embassy Regal and covered in kebab. They'd get fcuking 'Voxpop'd' then. It's all the 12 yr old 'yes' buffoons that think new compo is a grand old treat that get interviewed. As half of them have just emigrated from council estates to full time employment and free clothes, they'd be greatful for anything. They tend to steer clear of the more 'experienced ' Tom.

    The whiners letters haven't changed in decades. Evry fc*ker thinks he's worth more than he is and he's either pissed off 'cause he can't get a flat for his pregnant Doris or he can't get a bigger bedspace.

    I keep promising myself to enter one of those 'life in the Army' type photo competitions. The one's where 'Nobby' on his tank in Soltau always wins, just because some Rupert took it. I'd like to send in some of mine, where the lads have been 'caked' down the Alt Stadt.

    I'd also like them to print my repsonse to to what I think those 1950s Toms are saying in those black and white photos they keep digging up, but they never do.

    I read it every month. It's great.
  14. Never mind all that Soldier cr*p. Give me 6th Sense every time. Right there - bang on the button and piccies like this to keep home fires burning...
    [​IMG] ...more head of cattle than the Calgary Stampede.
  15. Not seen it for years

    Do they still have 'Penfreinds'.

    They were great - gullible slappers from ************ (insert boring UK town) with ** (insert number of children) lulled into revealing all their most intimate secrets, for them to be posted up on the SLAPPERS BOARD by the lads. :D :D :D