does any one know the test for 3* and 2* shooting

Discussion in 'ACF' started by 5.56mm, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. does any one know the test for 3* and 2* shooting what do you have to do in both
  2. Damn.... and theres me thinking this was a cunning plan to cull the ranks of the senior officers...........
  3. With which weapon?

    2* is grouping with the GP rifle, similar shoot as per the 1* with the No8.
    3* is with the LSW.
    4* is with the target rifle

    Of course you can pass the 1-3* on the air rifle or no 8 if no fullbore available due to distance etc...
  4. And the 1-Star test is 2 x 5 round groups supported, 2 x 5 round groups unsupported.

    Two Star - Air Rifle=4 x NSRA 5.5m Air Rifle targets 5 rounds (Pellets) at each target (1 x pellet at each of 5 separate spot targets)

    Two Star - No 8 Rifle=2 x NSRA 'Tin Hat' targets 10 rounds per target (5 spot targets 2 rounds per spot) 25, 20 or 15m targets according to range used

    Two Star - L98 Rifle=25m Barrack Range - 1 x 5 round group and then 1 x 10 round group or 100m Range - 2 x 5 round groups


    Three Star - L98 Rifle=1 x 5 round group at 100m (Grouping). 5 x 10 second exposures at 200m, 1 rounds to be fired at each exposure(Deliberate). 1 x 30 second exposure at 200m 5 rounds to be fired (Deliberate). 5 x Exposures at 200m of 5 seconds, 1 round per exposure (Snap)

    Three Star - LSW=3 x 5 single round groups at 100m (Grouping). 3 x 3 round burst at 100m (Grouping). 3 x single rounds at 200m (Application of Fire). 2 x 3 round bursts at 200m (Suppressive Fire). 2 x single rounds at 300m (Application of Fire). 5 x 3 round groups at 300m (Suppressive Fire)

    Three Star - Target Rifle=9 x Rounds at 300m on NRA 300 Targets. 9 x Rounds at 300m on NRA 500 Targets

    edited cos it wasn't very neat!!!
  6. dont forget to wear your tin foil hat whille on the range
  7. Or your SAS underwater ninja fighting knife.

    BTW, I have an authentic SAS/PARA beer glass, as used by the SAS in a French Bar. Bids accepted.


    Back on topic however, in my experience of the ACF even if you pass the tests then the assessments get lost, depending on the effectiveness of your DC and CTO of course.
  8. out standing,wish i had one of those,does it come in dpm ? or just plan o/g
  9. Its glass im afraid, but when filled it turns a murky shade of amber, and so can be used in a desert enviroment.

    MBGFB, it can be yours, just place a bid. I hear you have an SAS/PARA bottle opener?
  10. indeed i have,i even saw it in use,no one should deploy to the field without one or indeed the kit list from 5.56,my unit were took back by the indepth list of equipment that they should carry
  11. Ive heard that you are really attached to your SAS/PARA bottle opener, almost like a bodily extension.

    Every Daz box I get is being plundered for those SAS/PARA washbags. Oh, 5.56, my unit were also amazed by the amount of kit they needed, it was almost reminiscent of the "we'll need a bigger boat" moment in Jaws.
  12. you mean we also need boats no as well? although we are cool with the shark bit as we have just received our underwater ninja knifes
  13. Is there an NSN for the SAS Underwater Ninja Knife? I'd really like to order some....