does any one here know about different mobilisations?

i have heard throught the grapevine that the TA has the optition of doing shorter mobilsation i am keen to do this as the current mobilisation of my battalion is over a year in total and i dont think my employer will stand for that.

any advice greatful

many thanks jink
this has been covered before and would actually increase the pool of those available to go, BUT i haven't heard anything about any changes. funny how we saw some regulars doing 2 months tours (because they needed their gong for their next post) when the TA bods were stuck for the full 6 months when i was away. yup, 1 army concept...............
cheers quiller yip i know regs that have done shorter tours for what ever reason might have to be a question to be asked


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Over a year??? whats ur mobilisation/battalion? Including trainign, the tour itself and the POTL, mine was ten months last year.
There are shorter tours about, my uncle only did three months as an IR. Some do have the option of not doing POTL as well...
well we get mob in december may be earlier if rumour is true start training in early jan deploy end of apr thats 6months then tour thats a year then POTL

You may well get the Glasgow Kiss in December or earlier, in the form of the brown envelope, but the bit of paper inside it will say that your period of mobilsation will start on a given day (probably, based on what you say) in January.

You'll do Chilwell and training and then deploy at the end of April (in other words, at the end of the fourth month of your mobilisation), followed by six months on operations, followed by a month's POTL. All fits neatly within a year.
well the turn up at chill well date is begining of december op tag then start trg in early jan to deploy apr thats about 5 months before tour i thought it was long my self a long beat up period for some reason

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