Does any army actually use the Metal Storm weapons system?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by TamH70, Jul 29, 2010.

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  1. I am getting bored with constantly reading about this so-called miracle kill everything weapon and how great it is, and never seeing it in green paint on any of our wagons.

    It seems to be constantly in all the weapon porn shows on the Discovery and Military channels and every time the chap discussing it says it is absolutely awesome and the best thing ever.

    Is it?

  2. Tam, looks like they're going bust.....

    The securities of defence technology company Metal Storm Ltd will be placed in a trading halt, pending the release of a company announcement.

    In a statement on Tuesday, the company said its securities would remain in pre-open either until trading starts on Thursday, July 29, or the announcement is released to the market.

    Metal Storm said the announcement concerned a previous July 15 announcement of a rights issue to raise $3 million.

    Advertisement: Story continues belowThe company said it expected to make the announcement by the close of business on Wednesday.

    Metal Storm develops electronically-initiated ballistics systems which remove the mechanical steps required to fire a conventional weapon.

    The company listed on the Australian stock exchange in July 1999, but has recently been at risk of insolvency.

    Metal Storm shares last traded at 0.8 cent.
  3. the concept just isnt practical, its a 'one-shot' system.
    yes, you get a very high rate of fire for a few seconds, and then your finished because it takes ages to reload.
    all it could ever be is a giant claymore mine type thing, pre-set for quicky flooding a wide area with rds/grens......and needing a truck to deploy it.
    for the same weight, if you work out the math, your better off with a GPMG or GMG and you can keep-up aimed accurate fire for hours.
  4. MS formed about 10 yrs ago and has yet to sell a single weapon. Having said that, the inventor has retired a very wealthy man, so someone has bought the patents. Perhaps the concept will be used in the future?
  5. Tsk, some one has put JW red label in my room fridge.
  6. Not going bust but having to change the terms of the proposed rights issue to make them more attractive to investors (3 options to be issued per share as opposed to the originally proposed one option per share).

    Reading their company news on Bloomberg it would appear that they haven't yet secured any major orders but, it was my understanding, that many of their products are not much, if at all, beyond R&D (I stand by to be corrected). If that is the case and if (especially following the expected dilution that will occur once the rights issue at 1 cent is complete) then Metal Storm will remain a speculative stock, much like the Falklands based oil exploration companies that train on AIM in London. Buy a grands worth of stock and forget about it. If they don't come up with any viable products then your downside is a thousand pounds. If they secure any major orders then your upside potential is huge.
  7. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Not the Red Label, philistines!!!

    Though I do recommend you do that with the Gold Label, with a little bit of dark chocolate on the side.
  8. That's what happens when you employ an ex-REME officer as your chief engineer.
  9. The superimposed system for repeating arms has been around since the 17th Centuary..!

    Didn't catch on then, does'nt seem to now...

    Too much engineering in the barrels to make them disposable, reload time excessive, and you get just as much effect from shaped charge technology in the mine role...

    The only area where I could see it could be useful is for air to ground attack, where the rate of fire is significant due to the short engagement times and weight is at a premium i.e. Warthog type scenariaos. Current trend is toward PGM for this type of application to reduce collateral damage, and CAS is not popular with the ex fighter types who influence budgets..

    So, nice idea, good for raising venture capital, but perhaps not mainstream enough for reality?
  10. I have been surprised at the lack of take-up by law enforcement, something that offers lethal/non-lethal in the same package as well as security seems to be ideal to me.
    <comes back to reality>
    I suppose if LE used them(1) then they would have less excuse to run round like 'Them' while executing search warrants.

    (1) The pistol.
  11. I think the other problem is that in addition to lugging spare ammo for MS you also have to lug the spare barrels the ammo is stored in, so there's a lot of additional weight.
  12. I think a few boxes of them set up in a nice position would make a very good alternative to a manned ambush, especially when you have to take out large amounts of armour (tanks, ifvs, light armoured vehicles and the like)

    One hopes Bin Laden's family doesn't buy some and sends them out to Northern Pakistan as a care package for lil' Usama.

  13. throwing lots of munitions all over an area to get a few hits is a waste of resources and logistic carrying capacity.

    mines work by going off when being moved over (ie-when needed on target)

    thats why MS hasnt sold. for all that material thrown, bog all of the rounds hit the target(s)

    what looks 'cool' for hollywood dont work in the real world.