Does "Andy McNab" have a Ghostwriter?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by bernoulli, Jun 27, 2005.

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  1. 100% his own work, hand-written with a fountain pen cut from the femur of a slain provo "Pl

  2. Ghost written by an Eng Lit Grad named Gresham.

  1. Having read a couple of his books, I cannot help wondering whether he knocks them out himself, or works through a Ghostwriter.. any ideas?
  2. writes his own books...bollocks!!
  3. He is proof of the old adage of 'one million monkeys with one million quills, working for one million years'.......
  4. Of course they are all "ghost" writers cos he has to knock 'em off once a book is finished , its to keep 'em quiet see !!
  5. McNab's books scan well, contain flawless puctuation and workable plots. 'Course he's got a Ghostwriter, that or Jeffrey Archer's old team.
  6. I've often wondered the same thing. To be fair, his Ghost Writer (he must have one) is quite good because it's not that obvious, unlike some other celebrity-written books.

    Andy McNab thrillers are a guilty pleasure. They've replaced Tom Clancy for my Summertime reading. Am I the only one who finds Clancy's hard-on for the spam SF/ int community almost homoerotic?

  7. The first book was done by his wife, woman/girlfriend, so I would assume so are the rest.
  8. Good Q but the knowledge in his books are obviousely first hand. I jave just read Chris Ryans "the increment" and for a squaddie there are many glaring errors.
  9. Ah, but of course! they f were dead men walking from the moment they saw the face behind the black maskers!

    Their last moments could not of been pretty: a coarse hand clamped over the mouth, the rough bristles of a clone tache against the neck, and the cold point of a Fighting Knife against the throat.. :eek:

    down load real player

    this is a interview with andy mcnab and he explians what he does to write his books

    this little bit of information i found
    source radio 4

    Andy McNab explains to Mariella Frostrup why he jumps on the furniture holding a tape recorder when writing his successful thrillers. How did the man who left school with a reading age of 11 write Bravo Two Zero and Immediate Action, both best-selling accounts of his time in the SAS, and then move on to fiction? Plus - why do some writers use brand names in their novels? Open Book investigates!
  11. Was in the Lackluster Video Emporium last night and passed on a Sean Bean flick all about SAS or something in the Desert as soon as I saw it was based on an Andy McNab exploit/book..

    Never heard of the film so it must have gone straight to the dump bin as it never graced a multiplex near me as far as my alzheimer's memory can discenr..

    I gather that's about normal for a McNab true life adventure...I take it he's done one or two things of notice and has been trying to live off the glory ever since...

    Interviewer: I see on your application that you worked for 10 years with the CIA
    Jobseeker: Yes, but if you try to verify the references ,I'll have to kill you.
  12. The BBC version of Bravo Two Zero with Sean Bean was actually pretty entertaining, especially the running gag about the green boiled sweets in the compo rations.

    However, the TV version of The One That Got Away was better, even though it did portray McNab as a fat, lying cockney barsteward.

    Slightly ungracious, because although McNab portrays Ryan as a cocky poseur, Ryan portrays McNab in a far less flattering light.

    I wonder if Messrs. Ryan and McNab ever met at a the Senior's Mess at the BBC who would win in the Fairburn-Sykes handbag battle that would almost certainly ensue?

    And, to McNab's undying credit, he never had anything to do with pie-eating Kemp and Ultimate Farce, did he?

  13. McNab beats Ryan hands down for writing and other stuff.

    Also Chris Ryan will boast about what he has done, McNab doesn't.

    Ryan is an arsewipe.

    The Teacher
  14. I couldn't downlosd the interview - has anyone got the transcript or at least the gist of it?

    Anuone know if it's going to be replayed?
  15. I litened to it when first broadcast and may have audio tape - pm me if you would like to borrow copy. Wasn't particularly thrilling - he said he jumped up and down on the sofa and ran around the sitting room acting out the plot or some such nonsense. It may be his desert island discs I taped - will check tonight if you are interested. He has appalling taste in music by the way