Does a Service No change if comissioned from ranks!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Coldstreamer82, Feb 17, 2010.

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  1. If in wrong forum - please advise! Many Views no Replies!

    Though many forums reference my query, I have started this new subject for two reasons: (i) The information in these forums does not cover the specific problem (outlined herein) and (ii) It may become an interesting topic of further discussion.

    Question: Should a Service No not change if comissioned from ranks!

    If someone I'm background checking went from IJLB to the Coldstream Guards, I assume correctly his Service Number would transfer? His stated number is within correct range for year of enlistment to IJLB!

    But after only 14 months he is transfered due injury and personal request to RAMC. Again assume his no transferred, but he is later commisioned (SSC) as a Medical Logistics Officer (no medical trade)!

    Now if my own service experience is correct, would he not be reissued an Officers Service Number? For example, QARANC if memory serves me correcly is 5 or 6 digit.

    He appears to retain the same number throughout later service - including discharge on medical grounds (QR is correct) and transfer to Regular Reserve for another 12 years service with RAMC(V). Including two FTRS in Kosovo and Afghanistan 1999, 200, pre JPA. so again his service number (8 digit) retained.

    On completing a TACC he is promoted (2 Lt to Lt) and again original 8-digit service no. I think everything else is Kosher - just his rank - which dosen't fit timelines on his Red Book papers.

    Gazette shows a person of his name and rank - but with an officers number (not 8 digit)! So if commisioned from the ranks would his service no change accordingly? And maybe have Glasgow and APC f'kd up and not noted both numbers on his discharge doc's.

    Any ideas or comments received most welcomed! :policecap:
  2. Since OR and Officer numbers are different lengths logic says they have to change.
  3. not anymore, if commissioned from ranks they keep their 300xxxxx or 24xxxxxx/25xxxxxx number
  4. Bad show. If it weren't for the polyester one might not know whom one was talking to.
  5. Friend commissioned from ranks this summer and retained his Service No, he commissioned into his original regiment though, so not sure if the situation you're talking about will be different.
  6. Thanks for reply - not being commissioned myself until late 90's, this chaps service started in 70's, wasn't sure. My OR was indeed changed on completing TACC, but I went also through OUTC after the Regular Army.

    Ok if that is the case and based on my own service no, is there a block basis for allocation like the Rank's to establish a year of commisioning? And like QUARANC (if still allocated this way is there a preceeding letter?

    i.e. Q***...

    Please forgive very specific questions, not walting myself, just cannot be two specific on this guys details. Just it dosn't quite tally with London Gazetteer.

    Cannot see Glasgow clearly showing on Discharge Forms - Rank on Discharge: Lietenant; however Service No is 24******.

    And if the FTRS are basically STABS, and think there is a period of time if 'not active' (i.e Reserves, Officers List, etc.) - would again the number be retained?

  7. Seems you could be a Walt, its QARANC and lieutenant, its also too specific not two. Care to comment :?
  8. Cheers for info, think I'm jumping gun on this guy.

    In short the RMAS SSC is early 80's and TACC 90's. So if it is him Gazetted - all is Kosher - and some clerk has maybe just put OR number and neglected to update to his Officers No. on discharge docs.

    But interesting discussion - as if correct and numbers not changing as recent as summer - how the hell did my number change after a TACC in mid 90's. Unlesss it was due being off reserve list or something silly whilst Univ. - and UOTC. In- effect doing the UOTC to T.A. and RMAS TACC?

    Whatever interesting replies, thanks for info Guys!
  9. hmm if he was OR then Commissioned, he would have a red book showing his 8 digit army number. When commissioned he would have his 6 digit army officer number.

    You didnt state till later the decades involved
  10. All LEs keep their number now and all straight from the factory DE types and PQOs are members of the 300 gang just like those enlisted types.
  11. Ok Bipolar - not out to have winded discussion but your comment is fair, just a long day and stupid typo's. Yes QARANC and Lieutenant.

    But I also was quickly quoting his AF B108x which shows Rank on Discharge, as a comparison to the OR No: 24***...

    And as my background is Adult Mental Health with a GF who is ex QUARANC (201 (Northern) Field Hospital (Volunteers)) interesting choice of pseudonym.
  12. For completeness

    Crab-air service numbers are in lnnnnnnn format for airmen, on commissioning the letter moves to the end

    Q8413999 SAC Bloggs J


    8413999Q F/O Bloggs J
  13. That's 'didn't' and ' 'til ' or at least 'til'. Care to comment?

    I hate spelling nazis personally.
  14. werent you commissioned from the ranks? if so you would have a 108x showing your service up till discharge, then becomming an officer. effectively you used to be discharged from the army for 1 day then commissioned.

    you forgot two not too, not a typo but gramitical, a hard day doesnt affect grammar.

    I am bipolar, hence the name
  15. i'll blame it on a hard day too