Does a REME Armourer get to test fire weapons?

Discussion in 'REME' started by TartanTrooper, Mar 18, 2010.

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  1. just wondering if a reme armourer could fire a few rounds down range to see if the problem with a weapon is fixed (im obviously talking about 9mm and sa80s not AS90's)
  2. Yes, it is part of the job to test fire weapons, however it is actually quite rare that it is done. Unless the fault occurs during a range practice, the weapon is function tested using inspection/drill rounds.

    On the armourers course, you may get to test fire the sniper rifle once you have rebuilt it.
  3. Range testing should be carried out after certain repairs. In UK it can be a bit of a balls ache, on Ops it's a lot easier. Larger systems are tested too :)
  4. is this so you get a smack in the eye from the bolt if you dont put it together properly? :D
  5. Test firing RARDEN was good fun but I'm looking forward to test firing a 120mm M256 this year...
  6. also do armourers get the chance to go on patrols and operations or are they just stuck in bastion or kandahar for their tour?
  7. I've fired most weapons. Not fired a mortar, or a pistol-pyro though.

    Fired CR2, 30mm, Barrett, Milan, and the usual gash.

    Often it depends on how you get on with the guys that you're supporting, and how much range time and ammo they have left at the end of the detail.

    On tour managed to get my hands on most AK variants for a cabby
  8. If you're unlucky you'll be stuck in Bastion, If you're extremely unlucky you'll be stuck in KAF. Depending on the unit you're attatched to and the skills/experience you have will dictate where you go and what you do.

    For example; If you're one of the two armourers out of about 10 with a bit of experience on turrets then you will spend most of your tour in Bastion fixing tanks and prams*, if you are a Marine armourer or attached to a Marine unit you'll be out with them. You might get pooled together and share/rotate jobs.

    You might be used as a 'flying fitter' and go around plugging gaps in other units where their cover is on the ground, helping with busy spells/inspections, stuck someone waiting for CrabAir or just covering RnR slots.

    * You might also be called upon to help out the FR armourer who was too busy looking for his golf clubs :)
  9. Sometimes you get to test fire by accident!
    a crafty who shall remain nameless was tasked to a wr turret as the 30mm 'wont fire mate'
    gunner tells him that the 30mm wont fire, so armr through sights, checks trigger button- boom, looks at commander and shrugs- 'does now'
  10. Button on the back of the rarden, or the foot firing switch? ;)
  11. New HFS, they suffer with intermittent probs, so much so that CEFIT were on first name terms with us in BATUS last year. bonus was they brought donuts!!
  12. The new HFS - is that the one that wraps itself up like in a CVR(T)? :)
  13. Nope, its nicely rigid, which does wonders for the cabling inside, hence the dramas.
    Should have been sorted by now the issues were last year
  14. [quote="CC_TA] If you're unlucky you'll be stuck in Bastion, If you're extremely unlucky you'll be stuck in KAF.


    so basically im going to be in KAF or bastion ?
  15. so basically im going to be in KAF or bastion ?[/quote]

    Not at all, there are plenty lucky bits on Herrick. You might scoot out to FOBs, be out with BRF, out on patrols, deployed with Recce or Warrior, SFSG, 'Them' or playing with Air Corps helicoptery thingies.

    (But must likely banging your head against a wall in Bastion/KAF.) :)