Does a previous now cured case of Asthma block entry?

Right, I've got all of my VIth Form scholarship medical forms, and it has asked me whether I've had Asthma. I had it about eight years ago, when I was eight and it was very light and lasted for a year. Should I:
A) Put this on my form and hope that it doesn't get me binned.
B) Not put in on under the pretense that it may very well have been a nasty chest infection.
I'm not a medic but I was in a similar situation.

My understanding of the rules were that as long as you have had no symptoms and have not been on medication for the past 3 (I think) years then there is no problem. The legal approach is you have to mention it, they will get a copy of your medical records at some point and check anyway, if you lie now you can get binned for that.

You might want to double bag it and get a note from your GP saying "no symptoms, no medication for X years" and attach it to the form...not sure if it is worth it though.

Put it down.

I used to have a "wheeze" when I was younger and they didn't seem to mind because it was so long ago. As stated above there is a period of time that has to pass between having it and applying (I don't know how long but 8 years is plenty!).

If you get invited to attend the actual board though you will have to do an extended lung function test which means riding an exercise bike for a bit whilst breathing dry air followed by doing a peak flow type thing - However if you're fit now then no worries.

Good luck with your application!
I was in exactly the same situation when I had my medical for my Scholarship. As long as it's gone and has been for a while it should be fine. They just crack you on an exercise bike for ten minutes and make you breath dry air which gives you the worst case of dry mouth this side of the Sahara, and then you do the Extended Lung Function Test.

I'm sure you'll be fine, like I said, It was fine for me. Another guy in my syndicate had only been asthma free for 2 years but he still passed the medical so I wouldn't worry too much.

And with regards to getting the forms filled in by your GP, I just booked an appointment, went in with the forms, told them the score and got it all squared away in half an hour.

Good luck, if you want any advice about the selection board or anything give me a shout.

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