Does 4x4 = Gas Guzzling?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ned_Seagoon, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. BBC’s lead item early this morning had me grumping my way out of the shower. Why must the media preface 4x4 with “gas guzzling” - are the two inextricably linked? I am certain that a fair proportion of trade-vans (white or otherwise) and aging, ill-maintained family saloons produce far worse emissions and consume more fuel than my 4x4. I detest Journo tunnel vision and am convinced that it is simply a means of “conditioning” the public.
  2. Don't forget the Fiat Panda 4x4...
  3. Heard the same/similar news item on Radio 4 about increased parking permit charges for fuel inefficient cars in the borough of Richmond. A very good idea I thought although I'd agree that the term 4x4 is inaccurate when really what is being spoken of is poor fuel consumption (bearing in mind that this will include many 4x4s).
  4. My car is a 4x4, its a 2 litre diesel, does that make it any worse than a Golf TDi??
  5. I need a 4x4 for work (Civil Engineering). At present I have a Diesel Toyota Landcruiser (Prado?) and I get about 25 MPG - that's far better than a petrol BMW 7 series or a Jag but they are not frowned upon. We also have a fleet of Diesel Freelanders that get on average 35 MPG - pretty much the same as a petrol Mondeo or Passat.

    Why aren't luxury sedans targetted as eco-unfriendly?

    And yes, we have dozens of subbies that have clapped out transits and hi-aces that spew out fumes all day long - not a word about them
  6. I know what you mean, my (diesel) 4x4 does 35 MPG - have you checked out the shocking statistics for a petrol driven Ford Fiesta? 32 MPG!!

    Bloody gas guzzling family hatchbacks!!
  7. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    They can tax all they want. If you leave in the SE an easy solution:

    Just get an accommodation address in Calais (plenty available there), register in France and then you can legally drive in UK. Just pop over occassionally for duty free shopping so that there is a record of you going to France and problem solved! My contacts reckon there at least a couple of thousand people doing this already around Kent.
  8. Ah yes, the well know part of England known as Southern Kent.

    It is all real nonsense driven by the Treasury, real Stealth Tax all dressed up in Green. The bands are rigged.

    For example, in Band F evil Chrysler Voyager and a Mercedes S class diesels are in the same CO2 class as that planet destroyer, a VW Passat 1.9TDi

    If you look at petrol cars, Band F STARTS with the ultimate evil of a Mondeo 1.8.

    Want a band A car, Co2 friendly, £0 VED?? There are none. Not one. Nix. Nil. Nothing.

    The tests themselves are odd:

    "Because of the need to maintain strict comparability of results achieved by the standard tests they cannot be fully representative of real-life driving conditions. Firstly, it is not practicable to test each individual new car; thus only one production car is tested as being representative of the model and may therefore produce a better or worse result than another similar vehicle. Secondly, there are infinite variations in driving styles and in road, car and weather conditions, all of which can have a bearing on the results achieved. For these reasons the consumption achieved on the road will not necessarily accord with the official test results"
  9. We used to have a 51 plate estate car but got a diesel 4x4 because it had significantly better fuel consumption!! Mine does around 35 mpg, although it probably is even more than that. Oh well handy I can't afford to live in Richmond :)
  10. My 21 year old Range Rover does an outstanding 14mpg (its a V8 petrol)
    However when you consider the enery consumed manufacturing new cars it makes it quite eco-friendly.
    Besides unless we drain all the rice paddies, bump off every cow on the planet and plug every volcano we aren't going to effectively cut carbon emmisions anyway.
    We all know it so all this crap about charging us for owning gas guzzlers is just a revenue generating excersise anyway
  11. I had a Shogun/Pajero 2.5td 4x4, I sold that and bought a vectra 2.5 v6. have a guess which one was cheaper to run ?

    I get 22 MPG in the vec. I'm thinking of getting LPG fitted so i can do a big FU to the brown man!
  12. I had a 3.2V6 Trooper as my shooting wagon for a while. 3.2?? EVIL! Err, no. LPG conversion meant the equivalent of 30mpg without even trying.

    Range Rover V8 4.6 borrowed for a while and I reckon I was still getting at least 20mpg. Same with Merc ML350 - it's all down to driving style and using torque correctly with big capacity engines.

    However, when it's a Doris doing the Chelsea Tractor school run in her V8 Auto that never even sees mud to deliver 1 sprog, then you get a thirst that's unbelievable as she crawls along in the rush hour, heavy on the loud pedal, then heavy on the slow pedal.

    Same goes for Diesel Discos etc blatting down Lane 3 at 90mph + - they ain't designed to do that and the poor wee engine is chucking out more nasties than you would believe.

    The 4x4 is being used as a whipping boy because lazy arrsed journos can't be bothered to go and get a story outside of London, and there are a lot of nice shiny blinged up 4x4 infesting the town. If they went out into the real world, they would find that (a) people do need 4x4 if they live in the sticks or they can get stuck in the sloppy stuff (b) have to pay considerably more in servicing, parts etc and wouldn't put themselves to the extra expense if they didn't bloody well have to! Mind you, if you live in an urban area and never go anywhere slippy then you are a tit by definition.

    Also, the electric car that was being praised on R4 needs the full battery change after 16k, and gets it's electricity from POWER STATIONS. YES THOSE BIG THINGS WITH ENORMOUS CHIMNEYS SITUATED IN PLACES WHERE THE POOR PEOPLE LIVE THAT BURN FOSSIL FUELS YOU TITS.

    And since when was Bamber Sodding Gascoigne an expert on CO2 emissions? Grr.
  13. And if his dinky toy ever breaks down, I do hope the mechanic does not resist the temptation to say "Your starter for ten" and charges him a couple of hundred.
  14. With our roads already congested and oil reserves declining its madeness that the lastest motoring fashion accessories are un-necessarily large and uneconomical 4X4s. For example a new Mercedes 4x4 GL 420 V8 diesel does 24 mpg and emits 307g of CO2 per km. A Peugeot 207 1.4 diesel will do 62mpg and emits 120g of CO2 per km. 4x4s are also more dangerous to pedestrians in accidents and even more if fitted with those utterly pointless and highly dangerous bull bars which focus all the kinetic energy across a very small area. Lets tax the arrse off them.
  15. Fecl off you knob, mine does the same mpg as a golf tdi and emits the same co2- according to certificate of conformity, so why should I get taxed more? Just in case some twa t decides to cross the road in front of my car?? Do one.