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Does 35 have an EOD Unit?

Just trying to check on a possible walt. Claims to be in an EOD unit with 35th RE and based at Catterick and London. According to the Web site 35 are in Germany. Any ideas?
think you've found a walt!

I was at 35 until Dec 06, you are correct they're located in Paderborn , Germany and defo have no EOD capabilities,

They have people who are EOD trained as all RE units do, but have no EOD unit/sqn.

As far as im aware there are no RE in either Cattrick or London, but I think theres a TA sqn in London.

you got anymore info on this so called walt...
ROYAL ENGINEERS 101 (City of London) Engineer Regiment (EOD) RE (V) Hudson House, Bromley Road, Catford, LONDON SE6 2RH

ROYAL ENGINEERS 101 (City of London) Engineer Regiment (EOD) Workshop REME (V) Hudson House, Bromley Road, Catford, LONDON SE6

ROYAL ENGINEERS 221 Field Squadron (EOD) (V) Hudson House, Bromley Road, Catford, LONDON SE6 2RH

ROYAL ENGINEERS 217 Field Squadron (EOD) (V) TA Centre, 65 Parkurst Road, Holloway LONDON N7 0LP

ROYAL ENGINEERS Detachment 217 Field Squadron (EOD) (V) TA Centre, South Africa Road, White City, LONDON W12 7RW

ROYAL ENGINEERS Detachment 217 Field Squadron (EOD) (V) TA Centre, South Africa Road, White City, LONDON W12 7RW

ROYAL ENGINEERS 131 Independent Commando Squadron RE (V) TA Centre, Honeypot Lane, Kingsbury, LONDON NW9 9QJ

ROYAL ENGINEERS 135 Independent Geographic Squadron RE (V) TA Centre, Mercator House, EWELL, Surrey KT17 2BG

This is a list of all TA RE units in London, although there are quite a few EOD, there is no sign of 35 Engr Regt, or any mention of Cattrick.

Maybe some truth in his ramblings, but then again probably not
Says he's been in 11 years and just promoted to SSTG, which I think may be a typo for SSGT. I have a name but obviously won't post it here. Has a nice Facebook page too. ;)
I might be a little pedantic but I find the use of 35th RE also a little suspicious in the modern Corps.

Any Sapper based in Paderborn would describe themselves as being "in 35" or "in 35 Engineer Regiment," no "th."

i was with 33 for most my army career, and often did range clearance in catterick. and believe me there is no respose units from 33 in that area
predatorplus said:
only EOD in london is as spitlock said 101 RE (V)

the only EOD unit in catterick is 11 RLC (eod) 521 squadron
'fraid not Predatorplus. 621 EOD Sqn part of 11 EOD Regt RLC is also based in London at Northolt ( you could argue that it is Middlesex but it is on the tube and inside the M25 and London District says its London) but you are correct the only EOD unit is 521 EOD Sqn again part of 11 EOD Regt RLC but no sappers in the EOD role.

Out him!
Ask him how many rockets go on a rocket wrench? :twisted:
I know of an RE Staffy who passed his JSIEDD and was selected to become an instuctor at the Felix Centre. Prior to undertaking this appointment he spent approx 6 months doing duties at Catterick Tp, 521 Sqn, 11 EOD Regt RLC.
11 years and a staffy, probably makes him around 29, can't be many staffies of that age around, barring clerk of jerks.

send me a pm with the link to the facebook, I'll pose him a few questions on 33(rd!) EOD :D
Funnily enough, he's come back to me saying he's 33 based at Wimbush now, but based at Catterick as part of rapid response.
i thought that 11 Rlc (eod) did all the rapid responce / counter terrorist bomb killing??

from what iv been told is that the RE bomb disposal deal with mine feilds, bad guy ammo dumps etc although some RLC may do this work but are more for the IEDD
or as my friend put it '11 do it like a heart transplant, and RE jump up and down on it to see if it will still go off'*

*not my world please dont hurt me
Ask him which Sqn, which troop and which EOD cse he was on and where (if he can't come up with the right numbers... especially if he really said he is based in Wimbush (never been there but Grim[Wim]bish was enough))

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