Dodgy Travellers Cheques??

Not sure if this is the right forum but here goes:

I've been trying to sell a digital camera on a couple of various sites and thought I'd found a buyer who'd been looking at the advert on a website from Nottingham. They said they wanted to send a cheque as they didn't want to be scammed with internet banking - fair enough says I, but I won't post the camera till its cleared. The 'cheque' duly arrives in the post today from Spain.

Next strange thing is that it appears to be 4 x travellers cheques for a total of 2000 Euro's. I was trying to sell the camera for £150, so alarm bells are starting to ring in my head. They look genuine but i'm concerned about them being stolen and then muggins gets into the dwang. There are no signatures on there at present.

So, what should I do? Try to cash the lot, hope it works and then keep the extra money? See if they're genuine via bank or post office then cash one or all of them? Send them back and tell Franco to ram it?

counterfeit+travellers+cheques, google, maybe add bank/company/scam/etc for variation and have a good night's reading as you'll get loads of hits.
ah beware - you need to wait until the cheque actually clears - not just seeing the money in your account. Another thing which I would expect to happen is that the intended buyer now gets in touch and states that by mistake he has sent you too much and could you write him a cheque for the overpayment.

They may be forged - lot about so they say, or stolen, and maybe stopped.

Would ask in great detail at the bank about such things.
taffnp has the con right.

Basically they send you a large overpayment in dodgey cheques....they can appear in your account but not clear properly (be aware that some cheques can be recalled after clearance and many months later)

Then they ask for a refund. I'd suggest not cashing them...sending them back and asking for the right amount in cash or via paypal.

Scam, probably, similar to this;

Expect an e-mail shortly asking you if youi'd kindly refund the excess money they've sent you by accident.

The cheques are likely forgeries, ask your bank for advice, tell them you suspect it is a scam.

PS The cheque can still bounce after it is 'cleared' if it is lost, stolen or forged. There is some term used in banking (and I've forgotten it) that means the cheques have cleared and the bank can't snatch the money back. Consult bankers.
Cheers all,

I've had another email saying his 'secretary' has ballsed up and sent too much, but if i can cash it then i can keep an additional £100!!!! He is a 'business man' apparently and doesn't do scams! Despite the postmark coming from Spain, he's asked for the cheque's to be returned to Istanbul! Heading for the shredder i think!
Spot on more or less to that Onetap! Was even Gumtree!!!

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