Dodgy SDVO claim exposed in Congress

One of the contractors called to give evidence at the IRS hearings had a Service Disabled Veteran status for his business as a result of twisting his ankle at a military prep school. Unfortunately for him one of the politicians on the panel was Tammy Duckworth (lost both legs and almost an arm in Iraq) who promptly savaged him.

Veteran congresswoman hammers IRS contractor's questionable veterans disability claim | The Daily Caller

For those that don't know the USG contracting system; certain contracts are 'set aside' for qualifying businesses such as female owned, ethnic minority owned, service disabled veteran owned etc and only businesses that are owned by someone who meets those criteria can compete for them.
Congresswoman Duckworth
What an absolute star.
Big thumbs up from this callsign.
I'd vote for her - what a polite savaging!

Looking at Castillo's website - Home - Strong Castle - you see he hammers the disabled vet thing.

I'll be surprised if he has any customers left after this does the rounds.
Good on the congresswoman, I see the contractor's work for the government is now under investigation.

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