Dodgy Recruitment Sergeant

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Dave558, Jan 10, 2009.

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  1. I've just visited an AFCO with a friend who wanted to go from TA to Regular Infantry.

    He had applied for it in September 2008 but wanted to complete his TA training first, he asked his Recruiting Sergeant if it was ok to 'pause' the application untill 2009 and he said it was ok.

    When we went to the AFCO yesterday he spoke to a different Sergeant than the last one, this one was a complete c*nt.

    He was rude and sarcastic to everyone in the room who was waiting. He eventually saw him and said the 'pause' meant a year, and that he had to wait untill March this year and bring a letter from our unit's OC, to make sure he wasn't "messing" him around.

    Anyone with knowledge of AFCO's know if he can ask to change his Recruiting Sergeant?
  2. Request to see the Senoir bod at the recruiting office, perhaps a warrant officer, this Sgt sounds to be either new to the job or just a c ock
  3. He should ask to speak to the Office manager, who is generally a Warrant Officer. It may be the case that this recruiter is only on attachment to the office and isn't correctly trained. He maybe on a probation period to see if he's suitable, judging by his attitude he sounds like he isn't.
  4. If the recruiting sergeant thinks he is being messed about with that then he obviously hasn't had his fair share of bone heads wanting to join 'Recon' or the 'SAS' yet.

    What a cnut, its a good job we don't have a recruiting and retention problem.
  5. Now that's scary.
    I know MI5 got swamped with applications after Spooks, so was that an Ultimate Farce effect ?
  6. I had a similar experience quite recently.

    I dropped into an AFCO on behalf of a mates lad who is interested in all things army. I was only going to pick up some booklets and a poster or whatever so the boy cut the snaps out for his wall or what have you.

    I had some Lance Jack immediately mouthing off some comment about "Heres my Next Victim" to the lad he was dealing with. How silly he must have felt when I briefed him as to why I was waiting and the fact that he was a sprog in a sh1t regiment.

    The smug grin soon vanished anyway. I ended up getting the stuff off the Duty Booty as he was a little bit more wise to the ways of the world and appreciated the fact that I had just verbally b1tch slapped the gobby "Office Junior."
  7. But wouldn't the dodgy Sergeant be annoyed that he's asking to see the Office manager as he's already been told to come back in March by him?

    And as far as I know he isn't that new.
  8. you asked for advice......

    act on it or not..your choice
  9. Can I just ask, TA training??? is this TA Phase One?
    A letter from his unit OC will be to find what level your mate is at, it might even mean your MATE skips Phase One training (regular)

    Maybe your friend has had a note attached to his records stating he would return in March (6 months from Sept) and now it seems your coming back early????

    Are you not being a little over emotional????
  10. I had a bad experience at Hull AFCO. I was curious to join RMR and the navy chap there looked like a tramp! Ushaven, dirty, smelly and un-ironed clothes. Not a good image for the RM at all.
  11. If your application has been running for more than a year has a normal entrant, then you would have to re apply, becasue all your tests only last for 12 months prior to enlistment. for TA he should be speaking to Glasgow then the paper work only lasts for six months however if the other recruiter had bothered his arse and spoke to Glasgow and explained the sitiuation it wouldn't of been a problem. there is no excuse for him to be rude he should of taken you into a seperate room and spoke in confindence rather than other people the conversation. This is obviously bad office practise i wouyld ask to speak to the ARO ( OC in charge of the group or get your OC to give him a ring final straw would be for you to contact your BRAT team.
  12. Because if he is dressed in Blue then he isnt "RM", he is a faarkin matelow ! :D They are allowed under King's Warrant to be unkempt and unshaven ! (and to smoke incessantly!!!) :D
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    As reni said,The RN are allowed to grow beards but not moustaches on their own.And they are the only one's to have their own cigarettes,Players Navy Cut.
  14. MSI64, he's passed TA 'Phase One' (Six weekends, two weeks) but hasn't done trade training yet.

    He just asked for it to be 'paused' with no set date given to come back.

    dogguk, his application was sent in August 2008, therefore not longer than 12 months ago.

    We was shocked on how this Recruiting Sergeant was talking to everyone.
  15. There's generally a warrant officer sat in the back playing the standard microsoft games, usually Minesweeper. Ask to see him.