Dodgy Pork Pies

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by pickledjelly, Apr 3, 2008.

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  1. Have been looking for sometime trying to find out medical information on eyesight.

    All quite ambiguous and have been repeatedly told it depends on what you actually join up as.

    Therefore, does anybody know the regulations for the Int Corps?

    I'm long sighted, quite bad in one eye, (my right unfortunately, makes shooting hard)

  2. if it can be fixed with glasses you should get in(within reasonable limits) Altho during basic youll have to wear some 70s style glasses. Standing by to be corrected by someone more in the know.......
  3. go to an optician and find out what your eyesight is and I'll check it against the relevant page in PAP 2007 or JSP 346. (well it'll have to wait till monday when I'm back in the office) failing that take a look at some of the other 'I'm blind, can I join up?' threads.
  4. Had a WTF moment there, then the light of realisation dawned.

    It’s mince pies not pork pies. Pork pies are lies.
  5. also depends on eyesight without correction as much as with correction.

    consider yourself corrected on that point. :D
  6. *Mince pies

    Mince pies... Pork pies.

    All look the same to me with my dodgy peepers, I'm afraid I can't tell the difference.

    I've done a gliding scholarship and had to talk to my Doctor about getting clearance for that, it was signed up as, "Fit to fly", as long as I wore my gegs when flying.

    Something about +150...?

    Apparently that was my prescription.
  7. Remember that funny chart on the wall with all the letters on? Could you see it? if you could then that's a good start. If you couldn't see the chart (or the wall) then its time to quit now.
    Which line could you read down to? I'm guessing that you won't be able to remember it, anyway each line has a number below it, that number is the bit I need to know for each eye (both with and without goggles).
  8. My left is near perfect and I could read them all without.
    My right however, needs kicking.
    Without its probably like the 4th line down
    There is some, but not a MASSIVE improvement when I have my gegs on.
  9. I'm pretty sure you've got something mixed up here. If you're long-sighted with +150, you should be able to see the planet Uranus with the naked eye.

    Could it be +1.50 (dioptres)? If so, that's not too bad. That's easily fixed with a set of specs.


    BTW: the "+" sign means long-sighted and the "-" sign means short-sighted in any vision diagnosis.
  10. Exactly - I'm short sighted and looking at my contact lenses lids, I'm -3.00 in my left and -2.25 in my right (dominant.) I'm not like Donald Pleasance in The Great Escape without correction, but I can't read a licence plate for example at anything more than a few feet away.
  11. +1.50 definitely, haha
    I kept getting the impression that you need to have a good right eye for shooting obviously but it's my right that's the bad one
  12. Pickedjelly, I shouldn't worry too much if I were you. Your vision is easily correctable with specs and since the correction is really only a minor one, your accommodation while shooting shouldn't suffer.

    In this context, "accommodation" means the ability of the eye (lense) to focus on close objects and then "accommodate" (re-focus) on far objects.

    Lighten up, buddy. You seem to be looking for a problem where none exists.