Dodgy op bracelets

Bare with me for being a bit vague but i'm waiting for more detail:

Basically a family member of a friend has had a letter saying "buy one of these id braclets and if your kin gets killed on ops then it will guarantee you getting their body home... etc.. bla"

I've asked for a copy of the letter as I know that some poor old mother has already sent off a cheque but am very concerned as:

it is an extremely immoral practice and where are they getting the soldiers details from?

as soon as i get the detail it will be going straight up my CoC but has anybody heard anything similar?
Without having seen the letter, this is going to be a scam. Either report directly to the police or place in shredder.

If a service persons specific details appear I would be more concerned. It would be worth passing the details onto the CoC and perhaps local RMP and/or Int Corps so the wider Defence community can be made aware.
I saw something along similar lines a few weeks ago. The Coldstrams have been selling red and white assoc wristbands with the funds raised going to the assoc to help supoprt injured returning soldiers from the Regt. I put a few quid in loose change in the bucket when I saw them collecting a few weeks ago and now sport another plastic band on my wrist. The press picked up on this and it got spun as the Coldstreams collecting to pay for funerals as the MoD wouldn't. I believe the Regtl Assoc went to great lengths to clarify the "error" but the rumour was already out there.

It sounds like a variation on that theme.
It's a scam attempting to defraud the public.

Those KIA are repatriated at public expense.

Relatives of those WIA are transported, fed and accomodated at/ near Selly Oak at public expense. It's called DILFOR ( Dangerously Ill Forwarding of Relatives.

So ..... anyone asking for funds to repat is a fraud. Anyone asking for funds to visit a relative in Selly Oak should be challenged. For example, it may well be the case that the "relative" has been expressly barred from Selly Oak at the request of the casualty, so by donating to the cause you may actually be doing harm.

Get a copy of the letter sharpish and report it to your local civilian police. Also send a copy to your unit to shoot up the chain of comd. If your CoC is any good, it should be at HQLF and Defence media by the end of the day.

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