dodgy loan sharks?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by boredofmyjob, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. I have a problem, and i know how helpfull y'all can be so let me know if you have any ideas.

    I start training at pirbright in under 2 weeks. However we apparently will not get any money paid into our accounts for the first 6 to 8 weeks of training. I need to give my lass some money before then to make sure she's ok for rent. I dont have any savings etc just the remains of my meagre wage from the job i just finished. Basically i need to come up with £250 sharpish without breaking the law! Any ideas?
  2. do you have a chequebook? if so there are loads of companies who do pay day loans.
  3. I took a low value loan out before joining the RAF, ask your bank for that or an overdraft extension.
  4. Really?? that might work. Heres the problem with getting the bank to led me something...i dont have a payslip for the new job yet or anything which prooves the income?
  5. Be very, very careful. Those pay day loans can look a good option but if you miss a repayment, the interest shoots up and can run beyond your control. Try your bank first and failing that family and /or friends.
  6. ah thats the problem..i literally dont have anyone to borrow from :S im looking at those payday loans but it doesnt look like i can get one until i actually start the job!
  7. Please be very careful with these pay day loans, I got myself into a right mess with them. The interest per month is massive. I think it's roughly if you borrow £100 you pay back £140. They also don't normally let you take as much as £250 for the first few times so you would incur lots of interest to build yourself up to a level where they will lend you the amount you want.

    I know it seems like a quick win but if you can get the money elsewhere I would go for that.
  8. im all out of ideas..
  9. ok, ill get back in my box!! Have you got anything you could sell perhaps? or asking the bank for an overdraft, most are ok when you go in and speak to them.
  10. Is your bird fit? Also where does she live? I can "look after" her until you get some cash together ;)

    I know, I need to thank me. I'm a caring kinda guy :)
  11. yes of course she is otherwise i wouldnt bother providing for her i'd just call it a day ;)
  12. Have they stopped asking recruits if they need to "service" any debts/loans/bills when they join then?
  13. i dunno they just told me i couldnt have any money in my account until at least 6 weeks..otherwise i woulda been ok.
  14. If she's demanding money before you've even settled into the job then I suggest you need to give her something else. If she's up poled or already bred then get married sharpish and the Army will take care of it.
  15. Speek to your bank, they will only need to know that you are joining up and they should be able to give you a limited overdraft, after all despite the current credit crisi they do actually need to lend money to make a profit. Certainly ask them first the worst they can say is no. As you are a tennant you will always find that you are going to pay higher rates for loans from any one else as they have no security to get the money back if you default, and people like paycheck loans charge very high rates because they know a proportion of those they lent to will default.