Dodgy lawyers are using health and safety regulations to blackmail Britain's employer

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by retired_taz, Jul 8, 2011.

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  1. Its about time someone took up the Baton against the left on H&S and stupid payouts. I always did like "Stormin Norman" Tebbitt.

    Dodgy lawyers are using health and safety regulations to blackmail Britain's employers – Telegraph Blogs

    Tebbitt thinks we should go back to the days when solicitors could neither advertise for clients nor take an active interest in the outcome of a case.. To me this backward step would be a great leap forwards in solving many of the problems provided by the modern PC and 'Elf n' Safety driven society.
  2. Ban no win no fee, force all claims to go to court, form what I can see the business plan is out of court settlement, stop that stop the business
  3. Correct add in the problem of insurers settling out of court as it is cheaper. Stop that and the problem starts to go away.
  4. As Norman pointed out - they just pass on any costs to the punters for both the Lawyers and Insurance ..its win win..the only ones losing out are the great unwashed.
  5. Balls!

    I've made the best part of £30k over the years suing people assorted for compo.
  6. The reason why employers liability insurance goes up is because of these ****ing ambulance chasers and the adverts on t.v. encouraging people to sue for damages over the tiniest thing. "Were you a ****ing mong who really should have thought the job through and chosent the right kit for the job but didn't and then came a cropper when it went tits up? If so you can sue your employer because his risk assessments didn't account for you having the same mental level as a retarded cabbage".
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  7. Another piece of rotten legislation from the 'reign' of the grinning spiv Blair. Huge bonus for lawyers - what was Blair and his horrible wife? Lawyers of course.

    I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the European Soviet Union was involved in the provenance of this legislation - it is precisely the sort of stupidity foisted upon us in never ending tsunamis by the unaccountable, unelected, faceless, grossly expensive rubbish that constitutes the European Commission.
  8. The moment that the lawyers in these cases have to take their cut from the winnings of the claimants it will all fall apart. The reason the things have gone through the roof is that someone goes for a no win - no fee and gets maybe £1,000. The winning side then claim their fees etc from the oppostition's insurance and up the ante for big bucks. It's a total scam but legal. You can always tell if something is going to be right when they start squealing like when Clarke announced several types of case that will no longer qualify for legal aid. Some of the big firms have been coining it in for years and it will hit them hard. Welcome to the real world!