dodgy hunt monitors

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smallbrownprivates, Jan 20, 2006.

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  1. Got talking to someone involved with the local hunt today and a concern was raised about the footage that hunt monitors from LACS etc record for evidence of hunting etc.
    A lot of pony clubs go out with the hunts and so there are often a few kids likely to be filmed.

    Anyone know if these kids have any legal protection from being filmed by swampy et al? Do LACS screen volunteers for kiddy fiddlers etc? would the police on site have to act?
  2. Playing devils advocate smallbrownprivates are YOU screened when you film your kids on a day out at the zoo, beach or on holiday or when you film a public event such as an air show? I think you are on to a loser with the kiddy fiddler idea.

  3. Parents do have exemption from some of the legislation (?parliamentary?) around this.

    There's been several cases of schools banning parents from videoing school plays etc, unless they have written permission from all the other parents of children in the film. I don't know whether that's based on any primary legislation, or whether it's simply that they're keeping their backsides -very- warm'n'toasty.

    sbp, it might be an avenue to go down, but I don't expect it would have too much promise. If you really wanted to exploit it as a loophole, it would probably have to be a private prosecution brought by a parent against the film-makers, rather than a police matter, unless there was evidence the footage was being used for nefarious purposes.

    I'm not a lawyer, that's just my educated guess...
  4. ha, I like the idea of using the Leftie PC madness to stop the tree huggers, claiming that for protection of kids they should not be alowed to film the hunt... that kinda has a poetic feel to it.

    Isn't there rules about filming/taking pictures on private land as well?
  5. You wont get the police to act on that, they wont even act on the hunts themselves. The only reason why they are present is that they are concerned about disorder between protestors and huntermen/women.

    I think you would struggle to say it was illegal for them to film these things. Unfortunately human rights legislation will no doubt back them up to the hilt!
  6. The guy who films the nativity play at Stickyminor's school has to edit out all scenes in which one girl appears because she is adopted. I have no idea from whence this restriction comes but it is a complete pain in the arrse for him. Worth a try!
  7. The only thing about filming these kind of activities involving children, it could land you in jail for illegal activity and could get you put on the Paedophile register if you are not careful.It will depend on the evidence obtained at the time and how it is interpreted by the law.Bearing in mind of course that digital photograph is in-admissable in a court.
  8. I wasn't aware of that, TartanJock. So surely the whole film that was made would be similarly inadmissable if it was taken with a digital camera?
    Or have I misunderstood something?

  9. Sorry Tartan Jock but digi stills and vids are admissible in Court. The shenaigans gone through to make them admissible-flash card/tape hard copied x2, original sealed, blah blah are a complete pain tho