Dodgy Generals Medal Group on eBay

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BlackBuckOne, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. Fresh from the British Medal Forum guys.

    eBay item number:


    Group to Lieutenant-General Sir Gerald Ellison

    Nice Group and perfectly genuine............

    Except a BM Forum Member purchased these in 2005 and still has them sitting safely in his home and has no intention of selling them !!

    Hence the fancy bidding war taking them into orbit.


    Black Buck One - Out
  2. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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  3. Indeed very nice......

    Except the seller lives in the US, and the person who really owns them lives on a different continent !!


    Black Buck One - Out.
  4. If you have all this information deal with it - pass it on to e-bay security or the police in the US.

    Don't leave it here.
  5. It's being dealt with, by a free-flow of information between like-minded people, to put an end to scum who try such things.

    But clearly with no help from someone like yourself.

    Black Buck One - Out
  6. Good advice isn't helpful? eBay and the police would seem a much more logical and effective idea than trying to stop crime using "a free-flow of information between like-minded people".
  7. Get back in your pram. Even better, try posting on Pprune you blue job, vein licker.
  8. I stopped using eBay years ago. I has become so swamped with scam merchants and con-artists that it has completely overwhelmed eBay's ability to police their system and completely underwhelmed my confidence in it.
  9. Somebody obviously took note.
    As at 050100 bidding sits at £47,000.
  10. One million by lunchtime?

  11. Absolutely. The process is flawed and Ebay is unable to manage it.
  12. It isn't just the out and out scams which plague eBay, but the misleading descriptions and complete tat which is often sold.

    If you're selling, it isn't much better. Due to the masses of competition and high selling costs, it's very difficult to make a profit selling anything other than one-offs on eBay.
  13. You're clearly a man of a certain disposition, tell me something:

    What's it like trying to take a P-ss with a Strait-Jacket on ?

    Does the Nurse have to help you find it every time ?

    Black Buck One - Out
  14. The seller ended bidding last night, and seems to have disappeared.

    All the pointers say it's a hijacked eBay ID, as the account has been dormant for two years, they've never sold an item before and none of their previous purchases have been medals.

    Anyway, the Police and eBay have been informed although I wouldn't hold much hope of catching the crook.

    Black Buck One - Out