Dodgy fuel at Frankley Services M5 Southbound

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by airforceone, May 21, 2013.

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  1. Evenin' all,

    So, I was driving a group of us down to Cheltenham on Saturday and we stopped at Frankley Services to fill up. After about 10 mins, the car (my missus' Mini, an automatic) started to lose power and a warning light came on the dash. We reached our exit fairly soon and pulled over to give the engine a rest. Long and short of it, the rest of the journey the car lurched, shuddered and stalled every time we slowed for a junction or roundabout. I called out the Mini breakdown guy and he diagnosed something to do with a sensor which he replaced. However, 7 hours later when we went to use the car again, it behaved the same way. As it was now nearly midnight, we limped back to our hotel and called the breakdown guy the next morning; he diagnosed the same fault again so said there must be something wrong with the main computer. He got the car returned to our local Mini dealer and we got a hire car. Now, here's the thing: the Mini dealer's service department did a full diagnostic, better than the breakdown fella could do and as part of the testing drained the fuel out of the tank. They tell me the fuel smelt funny and looked slightly weird ( I'm paraphrasing here) and once they had put clean fuel in and changed the damaged spark plug, the engine was fine. They are telling me that the fuel was contaminated, although they have not tested to see what with but they did confirm I had not accidentally put in diesel. As it was not a manufacturing fault, I have been hit with a repair bill of £342. I contacted Frankley Services and they told me that they have not had any other complaints about the pump I used and that they had served 62 customers some 1700 litres since I used it so they feel they are not to blame. What do I do?!! I want to publicise this somehow so if anyone else had experienced similar but not connected it to Frankley then there would be more evidence. Trading Standards have made a note of it but I am told that they probably won't investigate until they have had about 10 complaints. Apart from the usual NAAFI Bar answers, any ideas of how I can claim my repairs expenses back would be gratefully received.

  2. Was it bad fuel or something added into it like sugar? Hilarious ***** have been known to do that for literally no reason.

    Pulp Fiction - Don't **** with another man's vehicle - YouTube
  3. Check your car insurance to see if it will cover you for this (legal protection).

    Check your house hold insurance to see if it will cover this (legal disputes).

    Are you a member of the AA/RAC or another recovery company scheme or Motor Group i.e. CSMA who offer legal protection.

    Obtain a sample of fuel from the pump you used in a new jerry can for evidence to match what is in your tank.

    Pay for repairs and take the Service Station to Small Claims Court.

    Write to all the various motoring magazines and websites asking if anybody else has had the same problem to support your case.
  4. Shared on FB - although most of my mates are Northerners, but you never know.
  5. Did you spend over £100 at the service station on your credit card?

    If so use Section 75 Credit Act.

    Did you use your credit card for fuel under £100, still try Section 75 as the repairs are over £100.
  6. Seek legal advice from a Solicitor on the free 30 minutes scheme.

    Pay Solicitor to write to Service Station on your behalf, stating legal action etc.

    It may get you a result, needless to say any legal expenses are added to the bill against the Service Station.
  7. Wow, thanks chaps, that's some great advice and I hadn't even considered any of it! I'll get on the blower for the free advice, I'll check my missus' insurance ( it's her car) and thanks for putting it on FB. I don't think anyone would have had the chance to put anything in my tank as I closed it before going in to pay and there were 3 people in the car, so I may see if the manager can review CCTV to see if anyone left anything in the nozzle. I am paying for the damage tomorrow so I'll do that by credit card to see if I can invoke Section 75. Once again, thanks all, much appreciated.
  8. As a matter of interest, can you recommend a couple of motoring websites? i found Pepipoo and NMC but I don't know if they would be the right ones. Cheers in advance.
  9. Weights and measures there the ones who will certainly be interested in your story. They may now be under the Trading Standards Institute.
  10. Thanks Blanco, I was told I had to register my complaint with Citizen's Advice, which I did, and they will forward it to Trading Standards. I'll call them tomorrow to try and steer them in a Weights and Measures direction. As I said in my original post, Trading Standards' policy seems to be to act after multiple complaints so I will see what response i get from the on-line motoring community.
  11. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Try someone like Facet in South Wales. They provide filtration and monitoring for major fuel installations such as Brize Norton but I think they may help, especially if Trading Standards are playing. They love agood fuel mystery.

  12. Pop into Smith's and pick up a few of the glossy car mags and have a look at the clubs and various groups at the back.

    They all have websites and link into each other.

    Try TOP GEAR, (is it still on the TV) and other similar type programmes.

    The more you publicise this problem, the stronger your case may be.

    Which companies fuel was it, whilst the Service Station is an independent company, the suppliers of fuel i.e. Shell, BP etc may be very interested.

    A similar incident took place in Milton Keynes a few years back involving Tesco's at Kingston. Contaminated fuel and lots of engine problems. Tesco's paid for engine repairs etc.
  13. Inform your bank if paid for the fuel by any form of card, credit, current account card etc, as you may have insurance as part of that card use.

    They have a blog/comment section.

    MOTO are the operators on 0121 5503131.

    Web site states fuel supplied by BP.
  15. Trading Standards office - probably in the county / local-authority the fuel was bought in.