Dodgy DVDs / Chinese Mafia

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stevo, Dec 1, 2005.

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  1. Since the recent furore over the cocklers up here in t' north, I am seeing more of our oriental cousins selling DVD movies in various dodgy boozers, I have heard that local movie pirates have been warned off!!

    Has anybody else noticed this elsewhere in the UK?

    They all seem to be late teens/ early twenties and have a very basic grasp of the English Language (apart from knowledge of the monetary system!!), WTF is happening to my Country? :evil:
  2. Try London, they are all over it, went up their to see a mate, and had loads of "locals" offer me dvd's at only £3.00 per copy.
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Agreed, they have appeared in London in large numbers over the past few weeks. 3 dodgy DVDs for a tenner. That's cheaper than buying blanks!

    Shouldn't they be arrested and hoofed out, or is that not allowed nowadays?
  4. Don't buy dodgy DVDs/CDs/software. It's all organised crime. Simple really.
  5. Oh c'mon it's better than dodgy cheese and biscuits.
  6. Is right, do they bring the blanks with them?

    Catch them, hoof them, right away!!

    Bird Flu must be that bad eh, they have to come here to sell dodgy dvd's to alleviate the symptoms!

    Feck off home, dodgy disc selling, no longer cockle picking, floating in the irish sea cnuts!!!
  7. Crikey, where do you buy your blanks from? Harrods?

    If your not happy then report it to your local trading standards office.
  8. Dodgy DVDs, CDs, Gucci handbags, Man U shirts. nothing. Try counterfeit brake blocks (sawdust and superglue) for cars and aircraft, counterfeit car tyres, counterfeit medicines, counterfeit food products, counterfeit booze and counterfeit smokes. Believe me, they all exist.
    Edited to add: They all exist and Customs, Trading Standards and manufacturers are doing as much as they can to stem the flow. But they're still getting through.
  9. Trackpen, they are all in my home town, Liverpool.

    Man U shirts are quite scarce though!!
  10. Stevo,
    Sorry, as an oval ball man myself, Man U was the first name that came to mind. Many apologies.
  11. Apologies well taken!

    Nothing wrong with the oval ball my friend.
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I knew a bloke over here in Belfast who worked at the same place as a civie mate who was into dodgy Vodka,Shirts (especially Rangers,Celtic,Liverpool & M.U!) as well as meat!My mate bought some 'chicken' (smelt of ammonia) & then some beef (like the sole of a DMS boot!)
    The prat bought a copy of Fantastic Four.I believe & it was filmed on a camcorder in the cinema!!!He gave the disc to me,quite funny really!!
    But I wonder ,especially over here,who's behind it?
    The UVF/UDA wombles?
  13. Dodgy DVDs is one thing - but dodgy meat ! Was the prat trying to die ?

    ( I have to admit that I was running a Serb knock-off copy of "Office" till those nice DII people set up the "home user" programme - Genuine copy of Office 2002 Professional for £17, if you are using Office on DII in your work.)
  14. Had a oriental in the local a few weeks back

    tojo: you wan any DVD
    BRL:nah not unless their porn
    tojo scurries off back in 2 minutes with a kit bag full of it dwarf sex,fecal japan the lot, if it was filmed he had it, (in the style of a news of the world reporter) BRL politely declined the offer and left :wink:
  15. Edited - sorry I double tapped the reply above...