Dodgy driving instructors

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by JennyTwoWombs, Feb 17, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys wonder if anyone out there can help me with a question. I had a teacher in yr 8 who was kicked out of school last year for computer naughtiness. obviuosly there was millions of rumours flying around but the most reliable one ive heard (from another teacher) is that he was found with loads of images on his computer which although not being illegal cos he wasnt charged were way out of order as they showed he had a massive interest in young girls which probably isnt a good thing for a teacher! Anyhoo, i saw him in town the other day as a driving instructor which i assume is what he does now. Anyway question is, is he allowed to do this after being booted out of teaching as surely doing that job he is still in a postion of trust over minors. btw not trying to cause aggro as i quite liked the guy but im just a bit confused how you can be stopped from working with kids at school here but then go on to teach us to drive. cheers for any info guys and just to keep my message box clear, yes pic is me and no its the only one ull get :) Jennixxx
  2. Kiddy fiddling applies to <16
    You cant apply for a driving licence until you are >16

  3. cheers for reply but thats not quite as simple as i know if ure in a postion of authority over people theres different rules. im 6th form here at school and in cadets and if i had an affair with a teacher or instrucotr i know theyd get done (after my dad had killed them!!)- surely the same rules aply for instructors especially as lets face it they can offer additional teaching if ' were really nice to them...' :nod: Jennixx
  4. He was dismissed from school, as you yourself said there were no charges brought therefore no criminal record. As part of an agreement between the school and the teacher to save any tribunal action/embarrassment, the school may have given a completely different reason for his sacking, or he may have simply agreed to leave.

    Added to that, if he hasn't given his previous school as a reference when applying for jobs, they wouldn't necessarily be contacted.

    Even grown-ups (like another teacher) love to gossip and spread rumours, doesn't mean it's the truth. Unless you know with cast-iron proof why this person was sacked, keep quiet. Mud sticks and the kind with shit in it can ruin a person's life, even when proofed to be false.
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  6. It could be something to do with you having a choice as to who you have teaching you to drive whereas you don't get much choice about teachers at school, so it's hardly a position with power of authority when if he was to make you feel uncomfortable you just don't go to him anymore
  7. You'd be surprised. When I was in my late teens living in Woking, it was well known that the FFF* instructor for the British School of Motoring wasn't averse to halving the lesson cost if you let him have a grope. No, I didn't.

    *Fat, Forty and Friendless
  8. If the former teacher is such a threat to young ladies then you're putting yourself at risk by displaying your photograph in an open forum ... you could end up on his list.
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  10. If it was a work computer/laptop then it would have been against the AUP and any other usage policies the school/LEA had in place and would have been a sackable offence. This happens quite a bit with teachers y'know. Now if only we could get them sacked for incompetance!
  11. See, there you go, wrecking yet another ******* good witch hunt started on this site by yet another "I'm angry but I don't quite know why" SCH.
  12. Your ex-teacher never kept illegal images and he never used his position to gain influence over any pupils? Now you want to stop him getting any subsequent employment? You have the choice whether you get in a car with him and whether you have him as your instructor. If you do accept him as your instructor then you also have the right to report any inappropriate behaviour to his employers or the authorities.
    A mate of mine is a self-employed driving instructor and his main problem is the number of his learners who come on to him!
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