Dodgy Doctors rejected in Australia

.............It has emerged that the Ahmed brothers applied to work as doctors in Western Australia on numerous occasions but were rejected.

"We checked their qualifications and references and decided that they did not meet the standard required," Geoff Dobb, the president of the Australian Medical Association in Western Australia, told the Associated Press...............

Why were they not good enough to work there but seem to have no problems working here? What does that say about the standard of treatment our cherished government deems OK for us in the the NHS?
If this indeed the case then some questions have to be asked when our own trained at the public purse doctors are qualifying and unable to find work. No doubt employed to meet diversity quota's :cry:
Diversity quotas? "Radical Islamic terrorist? Have we got any of those yet? ""Here you go chief, a couple that got rejected from Oz"" ah good job Perkins, these two will suffice, and we all get a fat bous!"

Perkins: ""Yay!""
Chief: "Good boy Perkins"
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