Dodgy car window stickers....


Bought this sticker from the jingly stand by the px at Camp Victory (or whatever the fook it's called now) at Baghdad. Scanned it, cleaned it up a bit and had a load of car stickers made (go on the inside of the window facing out).

Cost me just under a quid each to have printed and I'm flogging them for £3 each. Not the best sales pitch ever perhaps however all the money from these is going towards fundraising for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Bit of a wierd link I know however it's just one of several fund raisers I have going at the moment! Check out JustGiving.Com for more info on charidee stuff or eBay to buy some (or PM me to avoid eBay fees etc)!!

Go on, you know it's just what your car needs..... :threaten:

Thanks for looking etc etc :thumright:


Fatal i appreciate the sentiment but believe this sticker may lead to your car being vandalised/burnt out if left parked in certain areas of the uk.
I SO want to stick one on my car but fear it will get trashed if I do stick it on.
Some girl I used to bang back in the day had a bumper sticker that read: " My other ride is a millionaire."

Wasn't funny then, isn't funny now because she actually left me for a real millionaire.

That Donald Trump is a homewrecker.


Cheers guys and yes I agree that yes, perhaps one would need a bit of discretion as to where and when one would use them! The beauty is that these are removable/repostionable (no adhesive) so if you find yourself parked outside number 4, Durkadurka Crescent you can peel it off and hide it!

That said there's a couple of Hercs and one or two of our Kandahar jingly buses sporting them....


Still got a few more of these looking for a good home. Or even a bad home. Get em here eBay (no postage charges if you mention ARRSE! lol) or PM me.

Cheers. Can't guarantee someone won't put a jee-had on yo ass if they see it on your car but I reckon you'll cope if they do :p


Very nice - if only I had a car...
Still it could always double as one of those neighbourhood watch stickers you put in your house windows.

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