Dodgy cadet

Read in yesterdays times:

"A schoolboy bought lethal bomb-making ingredients on the internet to take on an army cadet training weekend.
The boy aged 14, bought a mixture of chemicals plus fuse wire with his mothers credit card. she alerted police after opening the package with them when it arrived by courier at their home in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. Police confirmed yesterday that they had interviewed the boy and confiscated the package."

What a nightmare, leading a section attack then this joker starts a major explosion behind you.

Take care out there, just check those webbing pouches!


Saying that though, im sure everyone can ping one cadet they know who would be top candidate for doing something like that!
I was that cadet!

Not in army time of course, but hasnt every young teenager found himself "experimenting" with chemicals on the COSHH list at some point or other?
So just me then. oops!
I have to admit that I blew up half my room when I was a youngster. Got a hell of a bollocking from the old queen over that one!
homemade plastique and a collection of knives ?
I once made a chlorine gas with a friend that worked a treat. He'd bought a respirator on ebay or something and we used an old dis-used airfield bunker to mix our chemicals. 2 problems - i. no idea about the ratio of chemicals and ii. No filter attached to the respirator.

Worked like a treat but really, really, really fcuking stupid! Pretty normal behaviour if I do say so myself!
In my school, CCF we had one lad who had a collection of deactivated "bullets" starting at an air rifle pellet and ending with a round from an Aden cannon in his room, even in 1984 pre hungerford the OC took them off in.

Another lad had a real M16 (it was a shortened Colt Commando) he used to keep in the armoury. It must have been adapted to fire single shot and he was allowed to take it on exercise (which along with the night vision kit donated by the guy whose dad owned a safari lodge in Africa made for some pretty serious looking sections in the patrol competitions)

We got interviewed when someone allegeldly nicked a rifle bolt from the armoury and on one three day exercise a patrol of lower sixth formers went missing and had to be hunted down by the teachers (with the help of future ARRSER proto-law enforcers Trotsky and Finco amongst others) whilst they ran their own hit and run war in the Berwyn Hills.

Meanwhile a youth known as Goldentrainers was giving it "I am sorry I cannot answer that question" to North Wales Police having been nicked with a .303 in Llangollen or Chirk or somewhere and a scouse fifth former, offended for having been called a "Jewish Twat" by a regular Royal Marine Sgt was engaged in beating him senseless.

In the meantime a couple of geezers lost their RAF scholarships with 15 minutes of illegal low flying over the school buildings (which given the ammount of A10's and Buccaneers about was quite a gutsy thing to do)

Now all of these people (accept FINCO) are probably sensible ordinary people now doing normal things like being IT consultants and quantity surveyors no one was harmed in the long run and it was all far more fun than todays H and S obsessed Cadet Force. (no offence to cadet staff I know it is not of your doing)

Dodgy Cadet experiences, made Britian Great and won the Empire !!!!!

sounds like "red dawn" must have been on constant repeat in the common room....go charlie sheen go!

Petards? French bangers...I remember feeling queasy every time I came back through customs on school trips with a few pounds of safety-free explosives in my bag...dammit they were fun.


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Crow scarers, starter pistol ammo, bottles of petrol mixed with washing up liquid, cans of compo margairine on a hexy burner - that was fun - sod jumper for goal posts - and whilst I would not advocate todays youth blah blah...
art teacher came into 6 form common room with visting russian explainng we don't have complousry military training to find said room with several cadets cleaning bren guns.
when asked what we were doing.
" we are learning to kill communists replied child of hungarian refugees "
later put out the OC of local Ta unit why do you want to join the TA to kill communists
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