Dodging Customs in Andorra

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Travelgall, Oct 5, 2010.

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  1. I know there's only one exit to Andorra into France and the French Customs men may all be asleep but its a bit of a long way round. Is there a back route out of Andorra avoiding customs on the Spanish side as I understand they stop everybody. This is just for information purposes only for a novel I'm writing. I'm not trying to smuggle 27 tax free Bottles of Port through Customs for my wedding you understand.
  2. Yes. Wait until winter comes and ski out of the country.
  3. Not an Option. I'll be there Saturday.
  4. Buy 30 bottles, 3 customs agents, simples.
  5. You might be able to fit 30 bottles of Port up your arse. I can't even fit one.
  6. You've tried then?
  7. Don a beard and a pair of glasses. Using an uncouth 'Billfast' accent tell the custom wallahs that you are Gerry Adams and you are on yer way/ have been to a Conflict Resolution seminar with the Basques.

    If you are still in possession of your old Mil uniform, stick that on and change your name to Tim Collins, keeping to the same cover story.
    Those bottles of port will be the least of your concerns, but think of the dining parties to come.
  8. In the dozen or so times I've been through Andorra recently, the French customs do spot checks on French-registered vehicles because of froggies buying jerrycans of cheap fuel, and the Spaniards are normally looking for ETA types in Basque-registered vehicles. Everyone else just seems to drive through both sides without being stopped. I once took through a passenger with a non-Schengen passport containing an actual Andorran visa, and it took about two hours to find an immigration officer...
  9. Remember that the most important rule of smuggling in a car is to grip the wheel as tightly as possible, actively look around at random points in the air or on the dashboard, bite your nails and play with your hair frequently, fidget on your seat and shout irritably at Customs Officials.

    You'll be fine...
  10. I travelled back from Spain via Andorra, France and the Chunnel in a large white LDV van a few years ago, taking the scenic route back.
    The van was empty bar for a camp bed and sleeping bag and a few fags for myself.
    I've never had any vehicle searched by as many different customs offiers of varying nationality! Non of them could get their head around an empty van, French customs even pulled up the plywood lining on the floor for a look underneath and searched three times coming through the Tunnel
  11. can you bring me back some cigarettes please?
  12. Follow the escape route used by allied forces during WW2, up and over the mountains. It'll take you a couple of days but its beautiful scenery. If you're carrying, load light cos some of the inclines are a fecking griz. Plenty of water in the summer too
  13. Isn't the trick to distract them whilst you rush, I mean, drive serenely through the barrier?

    Arrange for WW3 to break out just down the road as you arrive...

    Or don't wear any clothes...

    ...and look nonchalant as you drive through!

  14. OK, I give up: what DID you do with the 6 12-year old Roma girls, then?
  15. I've been to Andorra on numerous occasion (skiing) and never been searched by customs. Perhaps they have upped their game in the last couple of years?