Dodge looking Help for Heroes lapel pins

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by ta_wannabe_sig, Mar 25, 2011.

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  1. Not posted for a long time but I thought this was really dodgy

    Has anyone out there every seen dodgy looking Help for Heroes pins, there's a bloke at work who has a West Ham lapel pin which consists of two small shields in claret and blue and a small Help for Heroes medal in claret and blue

    I asked him if it was legit and he said yes, i've written to Help for heroes but they've not replied
  2. I'd go into work wearing your mother's clothes and grey hair bun wig complete with clown face make up and katana. Scream Banzai at the top of your voice and chase the chap around the workplace until you scare him into admitting he's wearing a 'dodge' H4H pin/supporting a shite football team or until you get tasered or shot by the local Armed Response.
  3. Is it just a medal in their colours? I think it's legit you overly suspicious ****
  4. with replys like that I should have started this thread in the NAAFI, I've looked through the Help for Heroes website and they don't stock anything like it and neither do the west ham shop

    I'm going to bite a bit here, it's not like I'm a tin foil hat wearing walt hunter, I've seen someone who's possibly ripping off Help for Heroes

    West Ham to avoid the drop.....

    .... YOU CNUTS
  5. Fixed. Don't mench'...